It’s this kind of feeling low that is an outcome of our external circumstances i.e. the location, job and work culture and the social circle. It disempowers you and switches off your light. As weeks and even months go by you feel less and less Élan vital (”vital force”). You feel like a punctured boat that is sinking. You just survive from day to day falling deeper and deeper into oblivion and sadness. But once you align with where you belong- it’s gone! The acquired depression is gone as quickly as the click of your fingers!

What’s there hiding over the hill is this a Monster? Is this a Monster? If you haven’t guessed yet this Monster is called fear- sticky and smelly FEAR that is preventing you from changing the situation.

But there’s also some other process happening in the background… you lose your edge. You become mild like artificial flavoured vanilla ice-cream.

When was the last time you felt happy, energetic and alive? Do you remember? It’s a question that I’m asking myself right now too because I’m experiencing acquired depression… and I’m looking for ways to come out of this although it’s not easy and fun. But hold on a second..??? Hmmm, can this actually BE FUN? I think it can be fun and exciting. It’s all in the way we perceive things.

If you now think oh this is going to be difficult … guess what you will FEEL like it’s heavy and difficult, that’s how your thoughts influence your inner state. But if you start thinking over time: Hey, it’s a piece of cake, it’s going to flow, it’s gonna be a ride in the park…. You can bet your inner state will be light.

I remember a friend from college. Whatever he encountered he’d always say: Man, that’s easy! Looking back he had a fantastic attitude.  Just notice how positive this is… he set himself up for SUCCESS because he didn’t allow heavy negative thoughts to bury him alive and make him so heavy that he wouldn’t even think of working on his goals.


  • It has a massive impact on us. Every location has its own unique energy. In short, it can be either positive, uplifting or negative, daunting.
  • Locations with low stale energy act like prisons… It’s hard to maintain good vibrations when you are surrounded by low vibrations. It’s not rocket science.
  • Did you notice that when you are in a positive location you feel so alive, you want to do things, experience, you simply feel happy? – I feel that when I’m in London. In general people there have very different approach to life contrary to where I live now… zombie town! And Nursing Homes Enclave! Yes, I’m right in the retirement town now, being some 40 years short to the statutory retirement age…. Oh joy and bliss, but there was a purpose for me being here… which I’m grateful for, however I never liked it here….
  • Are you in the right location for you? Are you happy in the town/city where you live? It can be that you are a City Girl or Boy but you live in a small town… or vice versa? Can you make a change to be more aligned with where you truly belong?
  • Have to considered travel to see what parts of the world or your country resonate with you?

NEXT: Part 2 Job/ Work Culture/ Social Circle– stay tuned!