Actions describe a person better than words. How we act defines us better than what we say. Some of us are good at making promises, but we fail to deliver. We judge a man based on his ability to keep and act his words. 

Despite the many promises we give, only our actions complete them. If I tell you, I’ll change my bad habits and focus on being better, and those are merely words until I show them in action. Visit my site for these and more inspirational posts. 

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  1. Talk doesn’t cook rice – Chinese proverb 

Being optimistic is ok, but some of us make promises that we cannot fulfill. Before we make any promises, let us think. 

During my transformation, I tried for one month not to make any promises to anyone. I applied this in all my interactions, even at work. By doing this, my production went up that month. I managed to make myself a comfortable and peaceful space in the office. 

  1. Take them by surprise

Do things that people do not see coming. There is a reason why the quiet guy in the room is the one who gets things done. Why? Because they plan quietly. They never talk about the next move, and this way, they surprise everyone when they do it. 

I realized that it made me less interesting when I talked about what I was going to do. Even if I fulfilled my promises, it never meant much because people expected it. 

Let us show them the results. There is no need to involve them in our plans and strategies. 

  1. It is just a thought 

Think of it this way; talk is how we express our feelings and emotions. We need to know how to control ourselves because these emotions can get us into trouble. 

Words become useful when turned into action. If I love someone, I express the feeling through my deeds, not words. Once we understand this, we save ourselves heartbreaks and disappointments.

Remember, never make promises when feeling happy, sad, or angered; think first. 

  1. Well done is better than well said 

Politicians are the perfect examples. They promise us heaven during their campaigns but deliver less. Note that the feeling of accomplishment is greater than that of optimism. If we spend time talking about how we plan on doing things, we lose the drive needed to achieve our targets. 

Don’t get me wrong; to accomplish anything, we need to strategize. However, the results do not depend on how well we plan. If I want results, I strategize and act to achieve my goals. 

  1. The superior man acts before he speaks 

The superior man acts before he speaks and afterward speaks according to the action. We should strive to be the superior man who is modest in his speech but exceeds his actions. Learn how to have a calm and steady mind even where there is an urge to speak. 

A superior man knows that people listen more when he speaks less. We need to question why we have two ears and one mouth.

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