We all, to some extent, have an idea of how to make our lives better. But we choose not to take action on it. Why? Why do we find ourselves continuously living on repeat always hoping for a change but never fully realizing it because we get stuck before we start. Or, we start, things go well and then there’s some kind of road block (almost always mentally whether we’re aware of it or not) and we go back to how we were previously doing things.

However, there’s a threshold that, if we stick with the changes we’re trying to make, and we cross that threshold then the change that we’ve undertaken becomes more manageable because we’ve build up some momentum. Doing things on our own requires a lot of activation energy. The responsibility falls solely on our shoulders and if we’re not fully committed or invested in the change we’re trying to accomplish then crossing that threshold on our own can be very difficult. It IS absolutely possible though.

Okay, so now for a little chemistry. Trust me though it will be completely understandable and relatable so just stick with this train of thought.

Refer to the diagram above. In a chemical reaction you start with a certain amount of energy between, let’s say two compounds/materials (reactants). What happens is that you really need to increase the energy between these two materials very substantially in order the get the result (the products) that you want. However, there’s something that can simplify the process. The item needed is called a catalyst. Now, a catalyst is something that decreases the amount of energyrequired in order to get the same result. So, WITHOUT a catalyst you need to put in MORE energy upfront, whereas WITH a catalyst you require LESS ENERGY in order to get the SAME RESULT.

Now, look at the diagram where its labelled products. If the line under products continued straight across to the left you’ll notice that the energy of the products is greater than the energy of the reactants. How does this relate to you and your life? Well think about it. If you are trying to make changes to your life you are literally ‘levelling up’ your life and will be living at a ‘higher frequency’, or higher energy because you’ve bettered your life in some way.
We can accomplish anything that we put our minds to in our life but sometimes it’s better to choose the path of least resistance, meaning anything that can help you decrease the amount of energy you need to put into the process by simplifying it (ie. getting a coach to coach you through the change/transition that you’re trying to create for your life) is definitely worth exploring.

So what am I really talking about here? RESOURCES! Seek out and use resources that are going to decrease the amount of work you would need to put in on your own in order to create the change that you want to in your life.

Coaches are valuable resources that have valuable tools that will specifically help guide you to achieving the change that you are looking to make in your life.