The coronavirus pandemic could prove to be quite stressful for many people, anxiety, and fear about an unknown disease and uncertainty about what could happen could be pretty overwhelming and my stir strong emotions both in kids and adults. We know that public health dictates like following social distancing could make you feel lonely and isolated and could boost anxiety and stress. However, you must realize the importance of these actions for reducing the spread of the coronavirus disease. You need to cope with stress and fear in a healthy manner for making you and even your community safe and strong. We can see that many communities are reopening despite the dire circumstances and under the circumstances, Adam K Veron feels that the most effective way of preventing illness is simply by avoiding exposure to the deadly virus.

Health Tips by Adam K Veron

Ensure that You Are Taking Short Recesses at Regular Intervals

You must make it a point to take short breaks every now and then. Most corporate employees are working from home for staying safe and healthy and overcoming the dangerous coronavirus infection. However, being confined to your home throughout the day and putting in long hours could be having an adverse impact on both your mental and physical health. You simply need to focus on taking short recesses and use that time for doing an effective activity for boosting fitness, and overall health.

During these short breaks, you may do some meditation to relieve tension and stress. You may do some cardio exercises such as planks, push-ups, and skipping. You could even enjoy a fitness walk wherever you prefer, it could be your garden, terrace, or corridor of your house.

Drink Plenty of Water & Other Fluids

Water is regarded as a fantastic source of energy. You must drink water at regular intervals while working from home and staying indoors most of the time. Water is quite versatile and is packed with antioxidants thus; it helps in revitalizing your mind and body. You must drink a minimum of four liters of water daily. Water is great for keeping you hydrated and fully-active and boosts your metabolism. For maximizing the benefits associated with consuming water, you may drink a couple of glasses of water that is hot and mixed with a few drops of honey and lemon juice.

Consume Nutritious Food for Boosting Immunity

Consume plenty of fresh fruits and green vegetables for boosting your immunity to combat the coronavirus. Include plenty of super-foods like lemons, garlic, and turmeric in your daily diet. 

Consider Taking a Nap

Adam K Veron says that while sleeping all through the afternoon is an unhealthy practice, you could take a power nap of just fifteen to twenty minutes. Take a break from work and enjoy a rejuvenating nap for reducing stress and strain after gazing at the computer screen for hours at a stretch. Often a midday nap proves helpful in reducing blood pressure.

Indulge in Workouts Twice Daily

You may gain weight by staying at home and surely the most effective way of staying trim and fit is by working out and maintaining a strict fitness regimen every day. Start with some basic exercises such as skipping, pushups, crunches, sit-ups, etc. 


Follow the above health tips to stay healthy and combat the coronavirus. Moreover, say no to outside food. Wake up early every day and stay positive. Positive thoughts could motivate you and keep you going strong even during these depressing times.