Staying Safe

Across the U.S.A. governors have rolled out plans for relaxing social distancing restrictions. At the peak of restrictions during the period from late March to April, over 310 million people in the United States were under imposed restrictions that were ranging from ‘stay at home’ to ‘shelter in place’. The restriction orders seemed to keep varying from state to state, county to county, or even city to city. Once the lockdown has been lifted, health officials across the nation and experts like Adam K Veron are warning that easing of lockdown restrictions could trigger new outbreaks. However, many states have already forged ahead. Moreover, amidst all this, the fact remains that we are stepping out more frequently and even risking our health and well-being in the event, we are not taking the necessary precautions against the COVID-19 infection. Let us explore some mistakes that you must essentially avoid to stay fit and healthy even after the lockdown has ended.

Adam K Veron Highlights the Health Mistakes

Mistake: Getting Rid of the Sanitizer & Mask

Lifting the lockdown simply does not imply that the deadly COVID-19 virus has gone back. It is present everywhere from doorknobs to switches, to numerous common touchpoints. There are still numerous asymptomatic carriers, and people with COVID-19 symptoms interacting daily with you. Hence, it is of pivotal importance to carry on wearing the mask as a protective shield against the virus to promote wellbeing. You must go on using the sanitizers with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Keep sanitizing your hands and everything all around you.

Mistake: Shaking Hands or Hugging to Greet People

It is a wise decision to avoid hugs and handshakes for greeting or welcoming people in these depressing days. Sometimes it is difficult to avoid these gestures out of obligation. Adam K Veron firmly believes that a warm smile is quite effective in fortifying relations and may replace handshakes and hugs. A warm smile could effectively keep the viruses and germs at bay.

Mistake: Resume Going to the Gym

You are a health and fitness freak and you must have missed going to the gym or health club but it pays to remember that currently, it is best to stay away from these unsafe places in terms of COVID-19 transmission. You could wipe the equipment and the machine after or even before use but others may not follow strict sanitization. We know that reputed gyms and health clubs are doing their best to sanitize the entire place but with so many cases of asymptomatic carriers, it is best to stay away from these high-risk zones.

Mistake: Allowing Your Children to Go to the Playground

You need to keep in mind that the equipment in the playground is generally made of steel or plastic and the deadly coronavirus could live and remain active for as many as three days. You could be making sure that your children are wearing masks and following the safety norms, chances of others doing the same are quite less. It is best to motivate and encourage kids to play in your backyard or enjoy indoor games.


You must consciously maintain social distancing and remember to wear masks once you step out of your home whether you are thinking of going to the gas station or the ATM for withdrawing cash. Stay dedicated and disciplined to combat COVID-19 effectively post lockdown days.