Exercise Tips to Stay Fit

With the global outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, your movement has been restricted. You cannot go out, take a walk, or travel as you did for all this time. If you have been hitting the gym before the epidemic, you cannot do so now because you need to stay home, safe to protect yourself from the coronavirus. Moreover, health clubs and fitness centers are closed to prevent the spread of community infection. Then, that does not mean you will not exercise at all. Adam K Veron has some useful tips up his sleeve to work out even when you are at home. Here is how:

Adam K Veron suggests going out if you can

First things first, check out the current government guidelines related to the neighborhood you stay in. You can always jog, take a walk in the morning, or bicycle in your yard or the nearest park if they are not crowded. Then, you will find few people jogging or walking, and therefore, maintain a safe distance from them. Always wear masks and gloves when going out for some exercise.

If you have a dog, take him for a walk, as it is a good exercise to keep you fit and healthy. The sunshine and fresh air in your yard or park will also improve your mental health.

Keep track of your workouts

There is no point in exercising if you cannot monitor the progress or benefits of the same. These days, you will find plenty of health apps, fitness trackers to monitor your progress while you are exercising. Adam K Veronrecommends that you can also maintain a journal so that you can stay motivated and accountable for your workouts. When you can see your progress or improvement and your capacity to stay fit and active amid this difficult time, you will have a sense of achievement as well as an emotional boost to keep exercising.

Work out during commercial breaks

When you are at home watching your favorite TV shows or your favorite basketball game, work out during commercial breaks. Try some jumping jacks, squats, lunges, or push-ups instead of watching the ads.

Do your daily chores

Do not avoid your household chores such as cleaning, scrubbing, dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, laundry, and so on. All of these activities will help you to sneak some movement into your otherwise sedentary lifestyle. These tasks will also help in the movement of your muscles in the legs and arms.

Move around your house when talking over the phone

While you are working from home, you may receive phone calls from your office. Instead of sitting at home, walk around your house while talking on the phone. You can climb the stairs of your building instead of taking the elevator to stay active. Try walking the stairs twice a day when you are stuck at home for most of the days. These little things will help you stay healthy amid the pandemic.


Reward yourself when you achieve your workout goals. Yes, you can celebrate by eating some delicious food at home with your favorite wine. Make the experience enjoyable and fun.