Adam K. Veron

When something monstrous like the coronavirus has created havoc all over the world, it is natural to feel panicky, overwhelmed, terrified, and depressed. Therefore, it becomes essential to keep our emotions under control and look toward our mental health.

These days, you may experience feelings of powerlessness, depression, impatience, frustration, and irritability. You may feel unsure about the future and fret over isolation amid rapidly shifting social norms and schedules.

According to an article published on, amid the epidemic, all are vulnerable to fear and stress, and those with underlying mental health concerns, the current crisis could lead to anxiety. Here are three ways you can deal with mental health and wellbeing amid COVID-19 pandemic:

1. Adam K Veron on dealing with a rapidslump in social interaction

One of the best ways to contain the pandemic is through practicing social distancing. It means staying confined in homes and not meeting people at parties, events, or going for movies. Even if you go out for grocery shopping, maintaining a distance of two meters or six feet from others is mandatory and safe for your health.

At times of crisis, people usually find comfort by meeting people in person. Now, you can maintain such social connections in other ways. You can talk to your family members or connect with friends or loved ones over video calling to deal with social isolation during the pandemic. Adam K Veron thinks that we can all fight the crisis togetherif we believe that we are not alone.

2. Avoid watching the news all time

Listening to the news is important, but sometimes it could prove upsetting too if you keep listening that innumerable people being affected by the coronavirus and many succumbed to death in the country and worldwide. Make sure you watch the news from reliable sources and not fret over some information that is a rumor or possibly fake news. It might leave you sad and depressed if you keep watching visuals related to deaths on TV.

Indulge in some of your favorite hobbies like watching movies, web series, reading books, gardening, or listening to soothing music. It will keep you happy and lift your spirits. Take time out to play in your backyard and relax, reminding yourself that all negativity and bad things will wane over time.

3. Adam K Veron recommends staying from worries

You can write about your feelings and apprehensions in a journal daily until you overcome them, most of those fears. Make a complete list of the things that you are enjoying during the pandemic. Remember you have more time to spend some more quality moments with your family and kids. Play with children, cook food with your spouse, and enjoy delicious meals. You can also watch the latest web series together.Try these things to drop all your worries and anxieties.


Keep these tips in mind to manage your mental or emotional well being amid the pandemic. You can talk with your therapist or physician over the phone. You can meditate to stay calm and relaxed.