Sticking firmly to a healthy routine could prove to be quite challenging when you are confined to your home 24×7. You may be heading towards a health crisis if you are not cautious. When you are compelled to stay self-isolated, you must avoid doing certain vital things to promote good health and maintain overall well-being. While on self-isolation in your own home, the going could get tough. 

You could be feeling quite frustrated and depressed because you cannot mingle freely with your friends, colleagues, and relatives. Adam K Veron believes that staying locked up inside your house with no hopes of stepping out for ‘God knows how long’-this feeling could make you quite vulnerable to mental and other emotional issues. 

Whether you are working non-stop, forgetting to have your usual meals, or snacking too much, your self-isolation days at your home could adversely impact your health and overall well-being if you fail to come up with an effective game plan.

Vital Things to Avoid Says Adam K Veron

Not Having a Routine

Even though it is quite enticing to avoid following a daily routine while working from home during self-isolation, it is of pivotal importance to stick to a routine. Experts believe that human beings are rhythmic animals. So it would be immensely helpful to adjust to your new ways of life while operating from home if you follow a daily routine. 

A pre-determined routine could give you a sense of direction, control, and comfort and go a long way to boost your productivity and infuse some degree of discipline in whatever you do during the self-isolation period. 

Fortunately, you could now skip the tiring and dreaded commute every day, however, you must necessarily consider mapping out your day for including things such as regular exercises, 

A nourishing breakfast, fixed start time, and even a pre-determined finish time, etc. so that your life is disciplined even during the self-isolation period.

Not Mapping out Your Meals

Your kitchen is only a few steps from your workstation now, hence, it is possible to get whatever seems handy and whenever you are hungry. You often have no time to think of the food you are grabbing is healthy or not. You must have a healthy diet if you wish to sustain your energy and vitality levels all through the working day and support your cognitive and immune function. It is best to keep some time aside every weekend to prep all your weekday lunches and make sure that you have organized some healthy and easy-to-fix snacks well in advance so you may not have to devote any time to organize any snacks throughout the week. Adam K Veron suggests that you must consider scheduling dedicated meal times every single day of the week.

Skipping Meals

You simply cannot skip meals since that can trigger blood sugar issues and your energy levels may drop drastically. Hence, it is important to have healthy and well-balanced food at pre-determined slots during the day. Have a healthy breakfast and nourishing lunch on time despite a hectic schedule at work. Do not indulge in snacking all day just because you are failing to keep track of your mealtimes. You must do a thorough meal planning well in advance for the entire week.


Avoid doing the things mentioned above. Moreover, it is a mistake not to having a line of demarcation between rest & work. You need to wind down at the end of the workday. Separate home space from workspace with the intention of creating a tangible boundary between home and work. You could stay focused while working and easily switch off once the working day is over. Avoid working nonstop.