Lifestyle Tips

The corona crisis has changed all our lives in ways that no one ever imagined or expected. Many people are staying indoors, working from, and venturing out only when there is a necessity. People have accepted the new normal. Then, staying indoors can tempt you to eat more frequently, watch TV for a long time, and avoid exercise. You tend to eat more junk food and unhealthy snacks while binging on TV shows. Adam K Veron cites that even if you are not infected, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Here is how:

Adam K Veron recommends taking a healthy diet

You need to be self-disciplined and stay away from impulse or emotional eating to avoid the stress owing to the pandemic. Based on the findings of the CDC, eat loads of whole foods such as leafy dark green vegetables, green spinach, tomatoes, and plenty of fresh fruits. You can also include herbs in your diet that are rich in fiber, vitamins, and other essential minerals. Make sure you eat completely nutritious food and avoid processed food, snacks, or fast food like pizzas or burgers.


Your gym or health club might not open any time soon, but you can always exercise at home. Even if you are working from home, find some time out of your busy schedule to work out. You can try aerobics at home. Then, you need to avoid crowds if you are walking your dog in your apartment block or a nearby community park. If you have a backyard, then there is nothing like it, as Adam K Veron prefers to walk his dog in the morning to stay fit and active.

You can also go for a short walk or jog in the morning. At home, you can try push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, lift dumbbells, and so on.

Sleep soundly at night

Amid the pandemic, you are managing household chores as well as glued to your laptop while working from home for almost nine to ten hours. This leads to stress, making you tired and exhausted. Therefore, sleep soundly at night that is imperative for good health.

A healthy immune system helps you sleep better that makes your body’s defense mechanism stronger. Try to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night, though this depends on the individuals. The CDC recommends more sleep for adults.

Deal with anxiety and stress

Even when getting delayed paychecks or lost your employment temporarily, you must stay positive to avoid mental stress. There are many rumors surrounding COVID-19 and therefore, avoid these fallacies to stay stress-free. Check for authentic news sites for real information.

There are many ways to beat stress by reading a good book, listening to music, gardening, playing with your kids, meditation, and many more. Use this time to do something productive so that you have a creative thing on your mind. Stop watching corona-related news the entire day.


These tips will help you improve your health and stay stress-free. Eat healthy food, exercise, and stay optimistic to avoid all kinds of stress.