Standing in the 21st century, the entire world experienced an extraordinary pandemic situation. Due to the dangerous covid-19 pandemic, the lifestyle of the people went under drastic change. The lives of all people are at risk. Doctors and researchers suggest that people over 60 years of age are at higher risk of developing severe coronavirus infection.

Adam K Veron recommends ways to take good care of the senior members

As people grow old, they tend to develop all kinds of health issues that may weaken their immune systems. That is why doctors and other research professionals have asked them to take good care of them to stay healthy in this pandemic situation. Let us go through some of the ways to maintain their wellness:

  • Maintain social distancing: “Social distancing” is the term we hear widely during this pandemic situation where we have to maintain a safe distance from other people in any social gatherings. Adam K Veron says that maintaining social distancing is extremely helpful for senior citizens as it helps prevent the spread of the virus. Whenever required for groceries and medicines, they may avail the help of online apps.
  • Take care of personal hygiene: Covid-19 had taught the senior citizens to take extra care of their hygiene. They should wash their hands with alcohol-based hand wash for at least 30 seconds.¬†Adam K Veron further added that they should use sanitizer to keep them free of dirt along with it. Most importantly, they should wear a mask and cover their face during coughing and sneezing. They should also use sanitizers to maintain cleanliness.
  • Healthy diet: The senior citizens have to deal with various health issues that ultimately weakens their immunity system. So it is crucial to have a healthy diet to improve their body immunity. Protein intake is essential as it increases the antibodies to fight against the virus. The senior citizens should include leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, and nuts in their daily meals. Avoid sour and spicy food as it can increase gastric problems. During this time, body hydration is vital. So consume at least 4 liters of water per day.
  • Follow up on your previous health issues: The senior citizens should not ignore their existing health issues. Do follow up with your doctor through telemedicine regularly and also take the current medicines. Regular check-up of blood pressure, sugar, and heart diseases are also very much necessary.
  • Take care of mental health: Due to this lockdown situation, people, especially senior citizens, suffer from depression and loneliness. We cannot visit them personally due to social distancing. We can be in touch with them through video calls; keep them updated with the world’s daily updates. Do not ever make them feel alone or neglected in this pandemic situation.

We often do not understand that senior citizens are the main pillars of our life. Their experience, their guidance is an asset to the upcoming generation. They took care of us throughout life, so we must take proper care of them in this pandemic situation. We can help them to overcome this situation and live a better and prosperous life.