With the spread of COVID-19 all across the world, significant restrictions on the movement of people got imposed. With social distancing norms around the corner, it has substantially impacted both physical and mental wellbeing. The isolation procedures and quarantine resulted in reduced transmission of contagious disease. Various governments worldwideare trying their level best to curtail the spread of the disease. Multiple studies have revealed that social distancing and quarantine are essential tools to combat the intervention of COVID-19.

Adam K Veron has tried to draw the readers’ attention towards the severe impact of loneliness and social isolation on people’s mental and physical health. It has amplified the pre-existing mental illnesses of those individuals who are already suffering from a sense of loneliness. For older individuals, it has become like a nightmare.

Adam Veron provides crucial tips to reduce the effect of social isolation

  • Spend time with family: Instead of wasting your time,you must utilize your spare time pandemic productively. The best way of using time is to spend it with your family.With other activities limited, there are more chances of connecting with other members of the family. You may get engaged in quality interaction with your family member while giving due respect to social distancing norms.
  • Using technology for communication: Adam K Veron emphasizes that social media and its tools are essential for connecting to the outer world. You can also use online video calls, chats, and conversations to communicate with your near and dear ones. Discussing regularly can help you to overcome the mental state of loneliness and social isolation.
  • Schedule your day: one of the significant reasons for mental isolation or loneliness is an idle mind. If you remain engaged in various indoor and outdoor activities, it can help you maintain a healthy mental life. You can provide the necessary support for your physical, spiritual, and mental wellbeing. If you stay engaged productively, it will keep away stress and motivate you in the right direction.
  • Physical activity: regular exercise is the best method of staying physically and mentally active. According to Adam K Veronyou can use the online platform to get enrolled in different kinds of physical activity classes like yoga, aerobics, etc. to cater to your physical and mental needs.

Hence, both physical and mental health is equally important. You have to strike a balance between both to lead an everyday life amid new criteria introduced by Covid 19. A generally positive attitudeis essential for this purpose. It will help you to get used to the situation.You must not crib over the present crisis; instead, you should accept it and learn to move on. Only when you take the new norms and the new way of life you may move ahead positively.

Brooding over the pandemic rules willmake you more anxious and depressed. Therefore instead of complaining about your present situation, you should try to leadit productively. It will not only help you overcome the crisis, but it will make you a healthier individual.