Wellness Tips for Children

Coronavirus is constantly in the news and making everyone stressed and anxious. All this is certainly taking a major toll on young minds and adults alike. The fear and uncertainties associated with the deadly COVID-19 pandemic have led to a drastic and unprecedented rise in anxiety and stress levels in both kids and adults. Adam Veron feels that this is the right time to safeguard our mental health and boost the overall mental well-being of our kids.

As the COVID-19 outbreak started going out of our hands, quarantine or self-isolation and social distancing became the norms of the day. These effective measures were taken to reduce the infection rate. Both adults and kids have been compelled to stay confined to their homes during this lockdown with no contact with anyone from the outside world. With the day-care, schools, and offices shutting down, families are forced to experience a longer time at home. 

As such, kids are experiencing a lot of changes. They are forced to stay away from interacting with their friends as they are no longer allowed to go to the parks, playgrounds, schools, etc. Kids are finding it tough to accept the drastic change and parents operating from home are trying their best to keep them happy and pacified. 

Adam Veron Offers Effective Suggestions to Parents 

Speak to Your Kids about COVID-19

Your children are listening to the coronavirus news too. They are worried and many questions may cross their minds. You should be forthcoming and patient about this. Try to speak to your kids. Reassure them that everything is going to be fine with them. Things will change soon. Be positive in your approach. Kids may start worrying about themselves, their friends, and family. You need to reassure them. Keep them busy and occupied with games, studies, and entertainment. 

Devote little more time to them. Spend some quality time with them every evening after work. Have a nice stimulating family time. Discuss the COVID-19 situation without alarming them. You need to restrict yourself to using certain special words or stick to certain practices that could help kids cope better with their feelings. You could refer to the guide provided by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention for caregivers and parents so that they could talk positively with their kids.

Stay Cool & Collected

Kids would be reacting to everything you do or say. The need of the hour is to stay calm. Children can understand many things from your nonverbal body language. If you are cool and collected, your kids would relax so that they can better understand the COVID-19 situation and the associated risks. Follow CDC’s recommended list of actions and words carefully.

Set Daily Routines & Follow Them

Routines are crucial, as far as, kids are concerned. This is especially true in times of increased stress and uncertainty. Adam Veron says that as home routines and school routines are disrupted, kids may have issues regulating their behaviors and emotions. Try your best to stick to usual daily routines to the extent possible under the circumstances. Bedtime and wake-up schedules should be maintained. School-aged kids must follow a basic flexible routine including studies and playtime for the day. 


As parents, you must keep in mind that you need to spend a little more time with your kids when they seem distressed or worried about the present COVID-19 situation. They must be allowed to express their fears and concerns. You must devote time and patience to clearing those doubts in their minds.