‘Life is setup, to bring up, what has been bound up, so it can open up, to be freed up, so you can show up for life!’ Mary O’Malley.

You vs Life

Our internal storyteller compulsively tries to convince us, we are separate from life. A ‘me versus the world’ paradigm, from this perspective we go through life, controlling, fixing, strategizing and project managing our experiences.

However, the more we try to manipulate, and figure things out, the more we tense up, resist, fight, and close up. In withdrawing, we block life’s natural unfolding through us, and for us.

You as an expression of Life

Instead, when we witness life and recognize our role in the expression of it, we can then move out the way, and adapt, effortlessly. We observe, take responsibility, and become the vessel for life to know itself – and the added bonus being the drama falls away.

Loosening the grip of control…

  1. Transition from Goals to Intentions. Shift mindset from thought-driven milestones to be accomplished, to feeling-driven visions to be explored.
  2. Like Rumi reminds us, welcome all your emotions as you would house guests, be grateful for their presence, with the knowledge they will come and go. Here we get to practice non-attachment, objectivity and loosening (and lightening up).
  3. Trust in life enough to know it has your back. Soothe yourself with the knowledge that life is much smarter than you are. Make room for life to get in through the cracks.