Make it a career.

That’s right. Reverse the situation.

If social media is sucking your time, make it your time.

Make it the main focus of your life. And there’s nothing more important than your health, family, and career.

Let social media be that career.

How Do I Do That?

This is what we’ll discuss today.

Below is a 4-step guide to assist you. Read it, and apply it to your best!

#1 – Learn to Inspire.

If you’re sifting through social media, you might as well inspire.

Invest less time reading posts and updating your statuses. And invest more time writing quality.

Write motivational quotes. Or, find an inspiring sentence, and write a personal story about it.

People love those, and for a reason…

Most People Are Motivation Junkies.

That’s one reason why people follow social media celebrities.

They inspire. They make you want to be like them.

Take advantage of that need. But while you’re at it, provide fruitful content.

Give motivation that truly propels people forward!

You can write about struggles you conquered. Or you can share the stories of those who have!

#2 – Learn to Interview.

It’s an odd skill. But consider it a prerequisite to public speaking…

Basically, record interviews, and post them on social media.

They can be with famous people you come across. Or, they can be with people with interesting stories!

Even better, you can just record interesting conversations. Talk a lot, discuss trends and hot topics, and then publish!

Why Interviews?

Because it’s reality.

Beyond motivational content, people want realism. They won’t social media to reflect changes in the physical world.

Be the person that delivers.

Get out there, collect information, and publish real content!

Where This Works.

It works on every social media platform.

You can publish your interviews on YouTube. From there, you can post spoilers and related teasers on Facebook…

Take it a step further with Twitter. It’s a place to raise controversy, so market there!

Interesting – But Where’s the Monetization?

We haven’t forgotten about that.

The previous steps are just building blocks for that career. After you gather enough social followers, proceed to the next step!

#3 – Launch a Podcast.

Again, that’s social media related.

You now have a following. They’re engaging, posting ideas, comments, and sharing insights…

You can now enjoy that social media addiction to the max. You can read, pick up ideas, and use them as food for thought!

You can then feature them on your podcast!

Aren’t Podcasts Expensive?

True. But no career starts overnight.

You probably won’t get to that stage for a few years. Until then, expect to spend most of your time building that following!

After all, you’re building a personal brand image.

You’re turning yourself into a personality worth following – instead of you following others!

But a Few Years is too Much…

True. But no need to wait that long to monetize.

There are other options you can follow. And you can use your social media as a launch pad for that!

#4 – Become an Event Organizer.

To be followed is to be trusted. That’s a social media fact…

So you can play mediator. You can marshal people to seminars, meetings, gatherings, and hangouts!

And those are moneymakers. You can be a broker that connects businesses (at those events) to clients.

Even better, you can sell your own products there!

The Opportunities are Endless.

Obviously, that’s not all you can do.

You can advertise, start a crowd-fund, or sell your own special products.

With a social media following, your options are endless.

You can branch out into so many businesses, making your addiction fruitful!