Would love to first and foremost express how happy I am for those encouraging me to do this, blogging. It has been a dream that has made the nights longer and longer. Now that it is dawn, I cannot help but do what I do best, write something that can be done or do something that can be written. I hope you are enjoying this with me. Drop a comment or like, share with your friends.

Allow me to delve into the value addition topic. Value, valued and valueless what comes into your mind? What do you value most in your life? There are countless questions as much as value is concerned. Just one blog post won’t be adequate to answer them all but to vent this let us explore the core.


This refers to the importance or how useful something is. Whenever you know the value of anything you get obsessed with it. For instance, I never knew the value of positive blogging until I stepped into it. To me, it was valueless to some extent at that time. There are instances of valueless things in life. How do you go about them?

As I write this, it is that time of the year when the school semester exams are looming. There is utter need to fully concentrate on whatever has been going on ever since the semester commenced. This is not happening, at least it is to some of us. We are yet to value revising for the examination. This is a contradicting circumstance since we are not valuing what should be valued however much we are in the know of how important it is.

On a light note, I still do not understand how students never deem it important to start valuing their studies early enough to commence revision. It amazes me how in the last minute the some students have content in their heads equaling their lecturers. The only difference between the student and the lecturer is the bank account balances, Just saying. Hahahaha!

The above is just a drop in the ocean of the many instances where the value is required either to the valued or valueless. Valuing or not valuing things, ideas, people and life, in general, depends on the side of the coin that one may be viewing.

Of great importance is adding value to other people ‘s lives. I really hope that I am doing this through my story. For one to add value to someone’s life, (s)he has to have some value in him or her. It is obvious that you can not give what you do not have.

I did research and came up with how one can add value to anything and anyone.


reset your mindset for better results 

We have all heard of this over and over again. Changing your attitude is key towards how you approach things. This explains why I had to start at this point. Which is the right mindset?

In these days we perceive work to be a burden and a hindrance to our success. We all love success until whatever it takes to be successful hits us, huge credit to my good mate Dr Myk for making me remember this.

Working hard and doing it smartly is a great way of adding value to yourself and in turn to others. In some cases, we view work as a great opportunity to bail others out of their problems so that they can compensate for our efforts. As much as this is the case, we should not put our gain at the forefront. Focus on how best to be of help to others.


Be yourself, do not copy what someone whom you think has achieved success is doing. How many successful people have you met so far? How many success stories read? Does your definition of success match all these profiles?

We all have different definitions of success. To me, taking supper, be it ugali and kales, is a success while to someone else it is a typical example or imagination of total failure.

Crafting your success story using someone else’s as your template is a huge gamble. It is not a guarantee of success neither is it for failure. Instead, it makes you not to value yourself or what you utterly believe in. Belittling yourself makes you undervalue your prowess.

The circumstances, in your story and your mentor’s, are far from what the same can be. However, we should learn from the stories and get inspired to curate our own.

Ditch the shotgun approach

A Sniper rifle

You can not fire a shotgun from a far distance. In most cases, shotguns are used in near proximity. Soldiers who fire shotguns rarely aim for their target. The shotgun has several outlets for bullets. When fired, the soldier just hopes one of them hits the target.

Here is why you should pick up that sniper rifle. Snipers hide in a position that they can accurately aim at their target for that killer shot. When the shot is fired, it comes clean and on target. A bullet fired from a sniper rifle travels a further distance and has more impact than a shotgun bullet.

This is what I mean. In life, there are numerous avenues to succeed. Consider your opportunities and abilities. This will help you choose that which is best for you, the most valued. Picking up a sniper is enhancing your accuracy and focusing on your target. The shotgun leads to waste of resources, especially time now that most of us youths have no money, exploited hoping to hit the target.


Leaving for deeper waters

There are times and seasons for accomplishing everything. This topic is wide and can take a while to delve any deeper into it but understanding what should be done at all times is key to scaling the value of any situation. It is not always that you should value. Sometimes not valuing is good for our value.


A new bank note has the same value as one that has been used for some time. The ageing note has proved to be of great value to many people whose hands it has gone through. Despite this, it has not lost its value.

It will be of great value if you add value to someone else ‘s life.