A New Success

Very few people are millionaires by age 23. Even fewer people would venture into an unknown industry after finding so much success so young. But that’s exactly what 29-year-old Texas entrepreneur Addison Guerra did. After conquering the business world fresh out of college, he turned to fashion to chase his thirst for extravagance. “My dad would always take me to look at nice things, but would never get me these things and he did not have these things either,” Addison recalls of his childhood. “This motivated me to want all of the things that I saw as a kid but actually work to obtain all of them and more.” 

A Quest for Quality

To take the fashion industry by storm, Addison knew he had to separate himself from a crowded market. To do this, he set out to ensure that his brand’s quality could stand toe-to-toe with any label anywhere. Addison sources his leather from Italy, and brings his nylon and cotton from both Italy and Japan. “Everyone who sees and feels my garments in person is amazed by the quality, and that goes for buyers at stores to celebrity stylists,” he says. “When someone buys Addison Guerra, they are not just buying the name,” he says. “They are buying quality.” This is why his brand is represented by popular people that are at the tops of their trades such as Austin Mahone, Tory Lanez, Lonnie Walker, Danny Green, Gerald Green, Gary Harris, Bryn Forbes, Blake, Kellen Mond, multiple other musicians, NBA players, NFL players, MLB players, and multiple other TikTok and YouTube entertainers.

A Learning Curve

In his pursuit of quality garments, Addison was determined to find not only the highest grade materials, but to produce them exquisitely as well. This searched proved to be daunting, especially to someone with no experience in the fashion industry. I spent over 6 months interviewing over 50 different cut and sew companies that could produce the exact quality products that I was wanting to produce,” he recalls. “A lot of people thought they could pull a fast one on me since I had no prior experience in the fashion industry; therefore, I did have a lot of my time wasted and quite a bit of money wasted on these types of companies and people.”  But Addison was undeterred. He continued his search, ultimately finding a produce who could meet his standards.

Sharing the Wisdom

It is from that struggle that Addison gleaned his most immediate advice to any other young fashion entrepreneur. “Try to find a mentor, so you can avoid a lot of mistakes, wasted time and money that a lot of designers in the high-end space have had to face,” he explains. “Establishing and building connections is key.” 


  • Johnny Medina

    Branding Expert-Business Consultant

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