I don’t know who I am or what I want?” She admits stubbornly as I ask her what she is feeling.

“Welcome to the club,” I say and a sigh of relief takes over her face as I said that.

Knowing who we are and what we want is a privilege many do not grow up having.
Knowing all this would require us to have been raised in a way that respected our autonomy, our voice, our wants, and our needs. It required that we would be taught to listen to our inner voice and have those around us respect it.
It would have required us to know how to love ourselves before being taught how to love others.

Most of us have no clue!

Yet, admitting it is harder than you think. In a time where all we talk about is women empowerment not knowing how to be empowered usually keeps us quiet, small… Pretending we are ok out of fear that someone may find out how lost, disempowered and lost we truly feel.

Not knowing who we are is covered by mundane tasks to keep our minds and bodies distracted from the inner voice that is trying to get our attention…

So we….
Netflix all night.
Clean the house 3 times a week.
Fill our schedule with events and activities we don’t care much about all to create the feeling that you never have time!

This is the best illusion we create to never get alone time to check in with yourself.

But if you are like me, this can only last so long before the little voice inside starts to cause chaos with your body, mind, and energy. When coffee is no longer enough to get you out of bed to do all the things!

At that moment when you are alone with your thoughts again, is your opportunity to start again.

To finally listen to the little voice inside you, so you sit and stay curious about you, your impulses, your thoughts and without judgment, without censoring her. She is your guide and if you are still and quiet enough she will tell you the exact next step you need to take to start discovering who you are and what your place in this world is!

Its a life long process but this is the kind of journey that will set you on the path that you have been waiting to be on… the one that is on your terms not on anyone else’s.

It’s easy to keep quiet and let our fear of not knowing who we are, keep us just where we are but if you are ready to know… Start by admitting how little you know about yourself and go from there!