When we talk about television and radio productions, we are talking about large amounts of money invested. In the digital age, individualism has been able to get afloat thanks to social networks and just having a smartphone, but this does not mean that we should have only the camera itself.

Adolfo Lora, Dominican youtuber, says that, although the options and tools that exist in social networks today make anyone can become an audiovisual producer properly, you have to make a large monetary investment and, above all, time.

Adolfo Lora has a degree in Broadcast Media with a concentration in Audiovisual Production from the Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra (PUCMM), the most acclaimed university to study all kinds involving Communication Sciences. In the same university, Cinematography is studied, from which Lora is a graduate and tells us that this was her first investment, or rather, that promoted by her parents.

“Studying is investing for your professionalism in the future. Not having studied Cinema in the Broadcast Media career, would not allow me today to achieve and maintain image quality, sound, graphic line, shots, my own contact with the people I collaborate and, above all, namely, to choose my team well , who supply me and help me to produce my videos daily, since I can’t say that I am ‘expert in everything’, ”says Lora.

University studies and academic training, continuing education, diplomas, the same masters and doctorates, are investments that many do not take into account as “investment”, since, to invest, people must see that money has been spent on equipment. Adolfo Lora reiterates and mentions his professors, whom he strongly thanks for having trained them both in knowledge and practice for a better development.

“The content of my YouTube channel and myself today, I can say that it is a total product of my Broadcast Media studios. Without that, I would not even know how to monetize my channel or know what I would need to achieve quality in my image”, says Lora. On the other hand, the Dominican youtuber ensures that it is also essential to make expenses that are necessary to better project the content that is shared by these communication channels or social networks.

“Constantly, that is, weekly, I am acquiring products via Amazon”, says Lora, of which, in terms of audiovisual productions, he mentions: stabilizer, camera lenses, tripods, among others. He also mentions other types of investments: “I have three YouTube channels and one of them is a gamers channel. In it I have to play and make game reviews, so it is required to be updated and buy the necessary equipment, that is, to acquire the console, hand controls and cartridges”.

Adolfo Lora tells us that in his vlog channel, he uses these investments as content. In the digital and audiovisual world, video creators call it “unboxing”, publications that review a product. As Adolfo Lora is a youtuber and acquires audiovisual production products, he takes advantage to make content specifically for an audience that seeks the same.

“I have been able to take advantage of these investments in the end, that is, the same thing that I buy also show it and this allows for a second reason to exist. Making the unboxings helps me a lot to fill spaces when I need to generate content, since these videos are successful formulas for the creators of audiovisual content”, says Lora.