Have you ever thought like this, “I look fine, but my arms look fat” or “my waist size is okay but my legs are too fat I need to shed some fat from there” or “my body looks decent I just to lose some fat from my face to reveal that jawline”?

Here in Conversation with Adutiya Veer, the managing director of the emerging Fitness Brand in India Fitness-911 where Adutiya said — “During my 2+ year experience working at FITNESS NINE11, we (as a team) have come across numerous clients that come to us and ask us to help them spot reduce on their body since they got a family wedding to attend and they have to fit into a particular attire of a particular size. Well, this is a myth buster article for you all. It is not humanly possible. There is nothing to feel bad about if you feel that in hindsight were one of those who thought like this. This is exactly what we’re trying to do here – educate you on fitness and how it works”.

Adutiya further shared his experiences below:

When we eat food, the food doesn’t decide on where and how it will be absorbed by our body. But it is our body that decides how to use that nutrition and where to store it. It depends on multiple factors, our bone structure, metabolic rate, physical activity level, genetics(can’t stress on this factor enough). Therefore spot reduction is a myth. There you have it, period. Also, it sounds like – I don’t like how this particular body part looks, I want to change it, doesn’t make sense, right?

When we work out in a gym or home etc., our whole body is used like one big unit/machine. If you’re hitting the chest, it’s not just the chest that is used during that workout, our arms hold that weight, core muscles stabilize the body and our legs make sure that we are fixed on the ground in tune with newton’s third law of motion. In the same way on our leg days, our upper body doesn’t go to waste, it makes sure that all the muscles are used at one whilst we train legs from arms to the core. Therefore again no scope of spot reduction. Just because we trained a certain body part doesn’t mean all the nutrition will go to that body part solely and wholly, it is absorbed and utilized by our body equally all over.

If there is some important event you got to attend or some family function or maybe it’s your own big day, be sure that you make up your mind that fitness takes time and it will take you time to achieve something significant, you just need to be patient.

Also, you don’t have to fit in any attire, that attire should fit you at any given time. Love yourself first, and your body will love you back. Kim k has already been the flag bearer for so long on how to spot reduce and I’m sure it does not seem healthy and it’s expensive as hell. Therefore have some patience, eat right, sleep tight and wait for it. Cheers.


  • Arun Budhathoki

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