Currently, the coaching industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. Demand for coaching is at all time high with some of the most sought after coaching practices including leadership, executive, career,  wiring, speaking, life, health and wellness and fitness. No matter the practice, more and more people are realizing the benefits and value of collaborating with a coach. 

There are seven advantages to working with a coach that might very well dispel the best arguments against investing in a coaching partnership. The sports world gives us a reliable and proven model for coaching that brings about successful outcomes, and yet many people cannot make the connection the same potential in some of the coaching practices listed above. 


Most people benefit greatly from having support from a coach. The coach might encourage them in ways that others may not be capable of doing. 


The process of reflecting ensures that the lessons learned are reinforced and retained. Coaches can share with their clients how to reflect and show them how simple it can be do anywhere in just a short time frame. 


When people are open to taking on feedback about their performance, behaviors or actions; they are set up for seeing things in a more multi-dimensional way. When people own the feedback that is given to them, there is no stopping them in getting better at whatever they are focused on achieving. 


Currently there is a big movement underway for people to have an accountability partner. This partnership creates a bond between people who want to succeed at something and aren’t confident that they can do it on their own. While this might work for some, the lack of investment will eventually erode the partnership leaving both people without the results that they worked look for in the first place. The coaching investment promotes ownership at a different level. 


People with the goal of growth are more likely to achieve it with the a coaching partnership. The coach will enable their client to find their own solutions and answers, which will create the inside out growth that is sustainable. Growth is almost always a goal when working with a coach. 


Most all of the coaching practices are focused on developing some aspect of the client’s life or career. The value of working with a coach on development is that they are able to track progress and improvements. The things people might miss are brought to their attention by a supportive coach. 


People are distracted on a daily basis from some of the most important parts of their lives, in some cases they even lose touch with themselves and what makes them feel valued and important. The work of the coach in supporting the client requires them to be focused and attentive in order to support growth and development. 

Many people can achieve a great deal on their own and they are to be celebrated for their successes. There are others who would benefit from partnering with a coach and these seven advantages might help them see both the value and return on their expectations and investment when deciding to find the best coach.