The Advantages of working from home

The main one is the feeling of freedom. That does not mean that you are going to make use of it (you will probably end up working more hours than you should), but the fact of not feeling tied to a place is a very comforting feeling. If your prime motive is this, look for a remote job.

Other impressive advantages are:

  • The freedom of schedules. You organize your time as best interests you. You can go to the gym in the morning, pick up the children at school or go to the supermarket when it is half empty.
  • You are your own boss. Even when you work for someone else, you have a lot of room to define the times, the priorities, and the way you do the work. Once you get used to this, having a boss again costs a lot.
  • Geographic mobility. Digital nomadism is a reality on the rise and, although it requires discipline on your part, it is possible to live carrying the office in your backpack.
  • You avoid travel. You save the time and money that you used to spend going to the office, and the stress of traffic jams or the burden of public transport at rush hour.
  • Conciliation. It allows you to take care of your children and sick or dependent relatives.
  • Labor insertion. Working from home is a great option for people with mobility problems or certain illnesses that complicate face-to-face work.

The Disadvantages of working from home

Working from home also has a dark side that nobody talks about, and many of us suffer.

  • Loneliness. You cannot socialize with your colleagues, the coffee break is done by yourself, and you have no one to ask any questions. I come to miss those little human contacts a lot.
  • Your social life suffers. It is the consequence of the previous point, and you must be careful because you can become secluded in your unsociability. Take care of your relationships, and do not miss the opportunity to attend real meetings.
  • It costs to disconnect. Having work and personal life together in the same space is very difficult to separate the two. It is not uncommon for you to find yourself working nights or weekends.
  • You have more distractions. You get up for a moment to start the washing machine, and you mess up having a soda. Those little distractions are a waste of time that you have to control. And if you live with more people, it can be difficult not to be disturbed while you work (especially children). Get to know about the best adult scooter via reading online.
  • You Need Discipline. The house is full of procrastination traps. Taking a longer nap than normal to putting Netflix on when it’s not playing. You must be very strict if you want to get the job done.
  • Lack of social value. Many people will look at you strangely when you tell them that you work from home, and more than one will think that you do it because you don’t have a real job.