Bryan Rishforth | During a Recession

During a recession, entrepreneurs and business owners aren’t the only ones to take a hit. It also hits the customer. Customers will be narrowing down the products and services that are considered valuable to them. 

Entrepreneurs should be willing to change their approach to business. What they have to offer includes availability, convenient or inexpensive delivery, quality, extra support using the service, and other aspects that provide more value to the client or customer.

Put flexibility first.

Think about what will be the best business move. While an entrepreneur could cut production costs by investing in expensive equipment, it may not be the best idea if a possible recession is coming. If sales decrease, the payoff for the expensive equipment may not occur, making it a bad business move. 

Instead, continue production as usual. While the production cost will stay the same, it gives the option to reduce production if needed, whereas the machinery would require that production keep moving at high rates to make up for the investment. 

Discuss your contract with suppliers.

Some suppliers may be worried about a possible recession, as well, so they may be making adjustments based on what their own customers value. With this being the case, they may be willing to negotiate a lower price. It is always worth it to try, and if they aren’t willing to negotiate, looking for a new supplier may be the best idea. 

Remember that recession makes for a buyers market.

If funds allow for it, an entrepreneur should consider expanding during a recession. Most everyone else will be holding back on buying during a recession, but this is the time to buy because a buyer’s market will likely be brought on. An entrepreneur will also be more likely to find highly skilled employees during this time, as more people will be jobless. 

Be ready for a job offer at any moment.

With jobs being rarer during a recession, an entrepreneur must be ready at any time. This means having small portfolios or job samples ready for any potential clients or customers. It also means being readily available for communication.