Dental practices in the future will have two primary areas of focus – they will still need to be at the forefront of the latest technology, but they will also need to adhere to the most stringent healthcare guidelines for patient and staff safety protection. In addition, as with all businesses, dental practices will succeed by following a team-forward culture, as opposed to an owner-first mentality.

Numerous industries are currently being bombarded with the latest and greatest tech solutions. As a business person, it’s important not to be swayed by marketing campaigns, and remember that not every gadget is meant for your specific practice. It can be hard to disconnect from the aggressive campaigns trying to sell expensive equipment and rule out those worth it. If they match your vision for your practice and increase customer comfort and satisfaction, there may be enough value to justify the expense. Each piece of equipment costs money, but it requires a learning curve and a group effort to use it the way it was intended. 

Caveats aside, digital dentistry is the future, and there are legitimate reasons to upgrade your equipment and operational practices. Most people fear dentists because of past associations with primitive methods. Modern solutions are focused on a minimally-invasive approach, and it will be universally embraced one day. Joining the movement at the forefront will help build-up a loyal customer base. Examples include digital impressions and X-Rays, laser-guided dentistry, and electronic charts and record-keeping.

In addition to investing in the latest technology based on efficiency and customer comfort, you will be moving into a new world regarding the culture in your office. Everyone on your team must share the same values and vision as you do. Patients are more observant than many professionals realize, and they can sense when there is a negative dynamic. Client retention is a surprising benefit to having a healthy work culture. 

Regardless of industry, one word that is going to be synonymous with COVID is change. One word that has become synonymous with the COVID-19 pandemic is change. Businesses with a short-minded approach to success will employ an owner-first regime of staffing cuts and salary decreases. However, companies do not live by numbers alone. The nurturing of a team environment and a sense of togetherness will sustain a business in the long-term.

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