I like this quote “ what does not kill you makes you strong.” This is composed as a song by Kelly Clarkson.

This is my favorite quote as we all go through our tough times. These times have made me feel helpless in despair, but yet I somehow fought them through divine grace. These times strengthened me and rendered me with confidence to face any challenges ahead in life.

I was battling with depression for some amount of time as I had a distressing moment with my partner, verbal abuse, physical abuse, and many more. These were taking a toll on my health. I have had difficulties that I felt were permanent and would never go away. But, hopes from my well-wishers helped me feel that this too shall pass and it was over.

Whenever I feel I am not good enough to tackle any challenge; I think of all the challenges I have encountered and faced in my life and gain mental agility to drift through them. As job insecurities, and other battles in my life seem trivial when compared to the past occurrences or events that I have endured.

There is another statement “ tough times do not last, but tough people do.”

This is another quote that provides immense faith in me evidencing the difficult times I have crossed and even minor insecurity issues can be dealt with. We may have not so good period facing obstacles in our path or challenges in finding a suitable job, all these can be achieved with self-belief and consistent efforts. I have been rejected by so many companies in the past and lost hope thinking I wouldn’t be able to find any, but these moments taught me to think differently and take a positive stance in applying for jobs while honing my skills.