Team building is one of the best things you can do for your business. From improving day to day problem-solving to enabling better communication, there are too many reasons to count. Team building exercises are designed to help your workers collaborate well and build strong relationships. The upshot is a happier, more productive workforce, and your business will flourish as a result. 

But organising team building events can be a huge cost, which can often put businesses off when cash flow is restrictive. Here are 5 affordable team building ideas that can help you save money:

1. Company bake-off

Organising a team bake-off or cook-off can be a fun and exciting way of getting everyone involved in a group activity. It’s also very easy to arrange and extremely cost-effective, as most employees are happy to cover the costs of ingredients themselves for a chance to take part. However, if costs are a problem, companies can subsidise or provide vouchers. 

First, second and third place prizes can be great for inspiring healthy competition, and team picnic can be a wonderful way of ensuring everyone’s dishes get appreciated. 

2. Voluntary work  

Not only does offering your time for free to local charities improve your philanthropic attitude and build positive PR for your brand, but it’s also a nice way to give back to your hometown. Group volunteering work can be fantastic for team building too, encouraging people to work collaboratively in ways they may not have done before in their current job roles. 

Many companies benefit from philanthropy, and it can do wonders for morale in the workplace. 

3. Group training days

Kill two birds with one stone by providing training in a group environment. For instance, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states that employers have an obligation to assess workplace risks and to appoint first aiders. This means that first aid training is essential. The HSE also strongly recommends that workers are given annual refresher courses, and these training days can be a great way for teams to work together.

Improve teamwork and help to bridge the gaps of communication between different departments. There are many training courses that can be useful to your organisation too, not just first aid. 

4. Treasure hunt

You don’t need to hire an expensive venue to create an exciting scavenger hunt. Appoint someone in your office to be the organiser and turn your place of work into a team bonding playground. 

If you want to expand your hunting ground, you could collaborate with local businesses in the area and ask if they would allow you to stash some treasure in their shops. Thank them for their involvement in a way that’s affordable to you. Whether it’s a mention on your company blog, a purchase of a product / service, or free advertisement on one of your platforms, a small gesture will be appreciated. 

5. Icebreaker games 

For companies looking for a quick and free way to help employees bond, icebreaker exercises can be excellent for bringing people together. If you have a lot of new staff members, a game like ‘Through the Keyhole’ can be a lot of fun. Ask everyone to bring in photos of their home and ask people to guess whose house it is. Similarly, baby photos can also be very entertaining and will be sure to break the ice for some of the shier individuals.