Taking care of myself has always been a challenge. I’d get so caught up in work tasks that I wouldn’t take downtime to eat, or step outside to clear my head. At the end of the day, I was tired, grumpy, and “hangry.” When I got home, I’d overeat because I was just so hungry! Then, I’d spend the night trying to relax but it never quite felt like enough. 

I first heard about the Challenge from our store manager, Brad, at an operations meeting.

At first, I wasn’t so sure it was going to work. Of course there’s skepticism — there’s already so many apps out there! But I downloaded it, read through the stories, and realized the app could keep me pumped up and give me the extra nudge I needed. I went straight for the better fit choices. Every day, I work hard to reach my 15,000 step goal. And when I’m off from work, I like to hike with my dog, Bella. I’ve lost 18 pounds so far, and would like to lose another 10, but ultimately my goal is to create a well-rounded routine I can stick to and share with others. 

Before, I’d miss out on breakfast, but now I’m sure to eat it every morning. 

Now, I don’t feel hungry all the time. I’m working on taking a short lunch break and coffee break too, so I keep my energy up. I’m staying away from sugar, carbs, and overly processed foods. And I’m drinking six to eight more glasses of water a day. I got a Ninja Foodi for Christmas, so I’ve been cooking with that, and bought some keto cookbooks to learn from and draw inspiration. I’m even getting my fiancé, Luc, to make better food choices! 

I love going home to Luc at the end of the day. 

We support each other through everything and are taking advantage of every opportunity to spend time together. We like to hike, fish, hunt, and go for walks with our dog. I share my gratitude for him with him, as well as our daughter. As far as my associates, I make a point to show them gratitude each day. I feel better when my associates get recognition for a job well done — and I’m sure they feel better too! This keeps everyone’s motivation up. 

I have a tendency to worry about everyone else — but I’m spending more time on myself.

I feel more complete as a person and I actually want to be open and share my thoughts with others. I feel empowered and have come to realize that I control the outlook on my life. I want to help others and help them make small changes in their lives that add up.

—Angie Woeckener, Store #3109; Victoria, B.C. ; $2K Winner

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