I think it was five or six years’ ago, I brought my age up frequently, always referencing things I wasn’t sure I could do. Sometimes it was about what I ‘could’ wear or how difficult a yoga pose was at my age, until I talked myself into a corner.

The more I said that number out loud (or even to myself), the more crippling it became. Eventually, I caught myself and I quit saying or thinking about this dumb number, and the more empowered I felt and became.

Yes, of course there are some realizations as we progress in life, and many are positive such as the rich wisdom we gain as we experience life. And yes, I wake with a few minor aches I didn’t feel at 30.

But none of these need get in the way of our daily rituals, our yoga, a 10 mile bike ride, and definitely not in how we dress. We own these precious acts of life that are now part of our being, and we need not give in to our own bullshit hype. These are stories we tell ourselves.

Now, several years later, I don’t talk to myself or anyone about my age. Today I am stronger in yoga, taking on harder poses, wearing brighter and bolder colors, back in a bikini and realizing how irrelevant our age is. We are our energy, and what we choose to feed our mind is who we become.