I was very inspired by Arianna’s birthday newsletter. I am 37 and do find myself caught up in worries that I am sure will never come into fruition. I don’t want to look back when I’m 70 or 80 or 90 and think about how much time and energy I wasted on silly small worries.

The Montaigne quote Arianna mentioned – “there were many terrible things in my life, but most of them never happened” resonates so deeply with me. I read that years ago and it’s something I remind myself of periodically. Sometimes I catch myself conjuring up the most horrific scene of worry and disaster in my mind, thankfully none of these things have ever happened but boy is it a stressful moment when I’m stuck in my head imagining it all! The quote is a great reminder to stay present and mindful.

I believe getting older is a privilege. My mum died when she was 48 of breast cancer, so when I hear people moan about turning 40 or 50 or whatever, I think, well what’s the other alternative? Dead?! I pray I am around to see my kids grow up and I get the opportunity to be a wrinkly old grandma, it would be an honor.