When it comes to video content, YouTube rules the roost. Recent statistics collected on the platform tell us that 2 billion logged-in monthly users!

In the U.S. alone, 73% of adults and a whopping 81% of 15–25 year-olds in the U.S. use YouTube, which makes it a staple part of the internet like no other. People upload 500 hours of video to the site every minute, but how much of that content is actually towards a noble cause is matter of research on its own.

What we do know is that there are creators who are dreaming big. Dreaming big to create videos that are making the world a better place, one video at a time.

Enter Ahmad Atieh and Mustafa Hussain. The duo’s YouTube channel in the latter’s namesake which began in 2015 started doing wonders from the very first time a video was uploaded to it.

The two dashing young men are Muslim Americans – and understandably have been exposed to the kind of discrimination that the worst of America has to offer to the Islamic communities living there. However, it is rare that such challenging stereotypes and hate bring out a gritty determination to fight for peace and harmony rather than retaliation. Ahmad and Mustafa are two of such rare people who have gone on to achieve their ambition of changing the negative perceptions of Americans and the world towards Muslims.

The duo’s channel – in which they showcase their activism – has more than hundred thousand subscribers and upwards of eleven million views to date. Their videos are simple but powerful: recording their real acts of generosity where they help the needy by giving them gifts, food and even makeovers on auspicious occasions celebrated by Muslims like Eid, Ramadan, etc.

Their videos “Giving Eid Gifts to Strangers,” “Giving The Homeless a Makeover for Eid” and “Giving Out Food During Ramadan in NYC” quickly became viral and spread on other platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, 9Gag owing to which they have over half a million fans all over the world. Hershey’s, the world-famous chocolate manufacturer, collaborated with the team and made advertisements that were showcased both on their social media and in a national TV commercial in 2019.

It thus is not an exaggeration to say that Ahmad and Mustafa are part of a small group of creators who can be termed the “wholesome face of YouTube” who indeed deserve every bit of attention and success they enjoy. The world needs more wholesome content that unites people and promotes each other’s goodness to bring understanding, acceptance, and harmony.

When asked how he stays positive in a fast-changing world, Ahmad turns to the positive aspects of his life. “The best way to remain positive is to look around you and be appreciative for what you have”.

Science tells us that exposure to positive content can lift one’s mood, help improve mental health, and tackle issues like depression and anxiety. This means that Ahmad and Mustafa are not just helping Muslims, they’re providing a service to everyone watching who might be fed up with the constant bombardment of negative news and content, which needless to say, is abundant in the world.

Kudos to you, Ahmad and Mustafa!

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