ahmed sobhy

If you are a dog lover, you must know who Ahmed Sobhy is. If you don’t, you are missing out on a lot, my friend. Certain things take passion, love, and courage in life. He has given us all of it. Do you ask who he is? Well, allow us to humbly present to you, the man behind Rottweiler Life.

Ahmed was a compassionate dog lover ever since he can remember. As he grew up, his love for dogs grew as well. Although he has an engineering degree, he decided to take the road less taken.

In this modern rat-race, job security is one thing to come hard by, if at all. So, Ahmed joined a corporate in their cybersecurity department. But this irked him. He wasn’t satisfied. Well, how could he? His passion told him to follow his heart. And his heart was somewhere else – Ahmed’s paw friends.

He knew his true passion laid with our furry friends. But being successful does not just require passion or simply an interest. We need courage and determination to follow through. And for our passion to manifest, we need the will power. And boy, did Ahmed Sobhy prove himself!

There was no one to guide him through. And if there’s any evidence that social media pages can transform into full-fledged businesses, it’s Ahmed Sobhy’s success story.

Ahmed knew he had the passion and determination. All he needed was a cause. And the cause made itself clear very soon. What is it, you ask? One word, rottweilers.

Ahmed Sobhy Found A Cause In Rottweilers For His Passion
Ahmed realized that Rottweilers are one breed that has been constantly attacked by the media. They are the poster for anyone who claims dogs are dangerous. Many factors led to such a bias. Some of them are the history of rottweilers, the way and reasons they were bred for. And the way they have been treated is just another factor that has led to rottweiler discrimination.

Ahmed Sobhy recognized the issue and understood that he needed to work towards rectifying it. And so the journey began. He opened his first Facebook page dedicated to rottweilers. He posted several photos and videos of rottweilers to show people their different sides. Not just that, Ahmed also shared crucial information on rotties. And guess what, people loved it.

Many rottweiler owners came forward and shared his concern about the breed having a wrongful bad tag. The community grew bigger and stronger.

Ahmed has built a platform for all dog lovers to share information and tips. He started with a humble following of 200k, and now, the fan page boasts of over 4.5 million dedicated fans. Soon, Ahmed took over the social media world and made a name for himself in the dog community. In media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube, Rottweiler Life enjoys more than 10 million followers across the globe!

It wasn’t just cute photos and videos of rottweilers, Ahmed also uploaded educational posts about them. The topics ranged from their health to how to train them. Till then, there was sort of a vacuum in rottweiler guidebooks. Passion and opportunity struck well for Ahmed Sobhy.

Soon, his social media accounts grew to become the Rottweiler Life website. Boasting of over 10 million followers on the site is one thing, but it raised to a whole another level when his website was awarded the Best Rottweiler website in 2014.

This is an incredible amount of success for a young man like Ahmed Sobhy, but with the passion he exudes, it looks like he is not done yet.