The king of acting, Akeem Mair is a popular actor who has worked in many films since he started acting. His passion and skills are easily seen in his projects which helped him make his name in this industry. The great artist hails from Pasadena, California. 

It is shocking for his fans to know that acting wasn’t Akeem’s first choice as a profession. Although he loved acting since his childhood but was not acting officially. However, he did showcase his talent in many school shows and productions where he received a lot of appreciation from his audience as well. Akeem continued with high school and college degrees and finally landed into his professional life as a financial banker. 

His life took a turn when suddenly on a random day, one of his customers asked him if he was an actor.  This didn’t only inspire Akeem Mair to pursue acting but also declared him as one of the best actors of today whom people love to watch and follow. He stepped into the acting industry

 with two lead roles in the films, “ It’s All About The Money” and “What a Wonderful World”. 

Akeem Mair continued appearing in different shows including “ Spotted,” “The Old College Try” and “Initiation” followed by other films in which Akeem was featured in the New York Film Academy. There he was featured in “The Kidnap” and “Fine Line”. Akeem Mair performed so well in “Fine Line” that it helped him getting recognition as an actor and he got the spotlight. Not only does he act so brilliantly but his personality is so energetic that it radiates positive vibes wherever he is. There is not a project of him where he failed to show his extraordinary skills and this shows how much appreciation he deserves for his amazing work. 

In addition to appearing on the big screen, the rising actor never left an opportunity as he also participated and acted in shows like “Let’s Make a Deal” where he attracted a large audience. 

The biggest highlight of Akeem’s career is his appearance in Ellen’s show at the segment “Speak the Lyrics” which unexpectedly brought him a lot of fame and fan following including his future agent, Sarah Angeli from Commercial Talent Agency. One part of his achievement is also his appearance in the Apex Legends Commercial which went very successful. His journey has one more aspect not disclosed yet and it is his poetry. He has excellent poetry skills as well with which he can grab anyone’s attention. His poetry is posted all over Poem Hunters. 

He is a two in one person, who carries both of his passion mainly acting very well. He has already made his name in the entertainment industry and will pursue to break new records in the future too. To know more details about his upcoming projects you must follow him on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube,,,