Don’t you love a good female movie where the women revolt against their ordinary housewife lives and bond together to go do something adventurous? 

Me too!

Don’t you love a badass story about Mom’s who stop serving everyone else in their life and take back their right to prioritize their own self care? 

Hell yes. I love that. 

Don’t you cheer along when women support each other and shock everyone by not smiling and nodding, but instead using their voices.

Bold, brave, and badass. 

When women go against the norm and speak up, speak out, and walk out too.

It’s so empowering! 

When women demand respect, pay raises, and power…

Major inspo! 

When women gather together for the sole purpose of fun, laugh, and play?

Yes, rage against the societal norms and expectations.

That is exactly what we all want.

It is exactly what every women wants when they feel alone in their own houses serving their families, and ignoring their own needs. 

We want release, escape, relaxation, laughter and connection with other women. 

That is why movies like Bad Moms and Bridesmaids are so popular. 

We love a Thelma and Louise story of friendship and adventure. 

We are sold the idea that we need alcohol for these stories.

That it is the alcohol that is badass. 

Alcohol is not badass. 

Bold, brave women are badass. 

That alcohol is the big adventure. 

Alcohol is not an adventure. 

Experiences and travel are the adventures. 

That the alcohol connects us. 

Alcohol does not connect us, 

Our honest vulnerability and sharing stories connects us. 

That alcohol is funny. 

Alcohol is not funny. 

A sense of humor, quick wit, clever responses are funny. 

We are sold that alcohol is power. 

Alcohol does not make you powerful. 

Speaking your truth and having confidence makes you powerful. 

What does alcohol do? 

It lowers your self esteem. 

It leaves you powerless. 

It takes your health, beauty, relationships and finances. 

It creates a dependence that is really hard to quit. 

It leaves you feeling bad without it. 

It takes your headspace to try to manage it. 

Yet, we add alcohol to all these stories as if it enhances them. 

It just takes it away. 

I challenge you, the next time you see a hilarious joke, meme, video, of women doing something outrageous with a drink in their hand, to question if it is the drink that is so cool, funny, amazing, outrageous, or is it the act of being outrageous. 

Would it be just as amazing if the wine glass was filled with something other than alcohol? 

Does what you are drinking even matter?

If it is the alcohol that is so funny, and badass, then why don’t we praise it all the time? 

Why don’t we praise it when it makes someone sick? 

Lose their job? 

Cause an accident? 

Become depressed? 

Neglect their kids? 

Ruin relationships?

Why don’t we say, just add alcohol to make these things better? 

Because it doesn’t make anything better.

We all know that is the truth.

Alcohol hurts more than it helps. 

Adding alcohol is not badass or a creative solution to any problem. 

Don’t kid yourself, alcohol doesn’t empower women.