Alex Quin is a public speaker and Founder of Hustle Inspires Hustle- a global entrepreneurship & self-development platform. In this article, he shares some of the approaches and tips that have helped him manage stress while growing his business.

Living Healthy

Many entrepreneurs usually get very wrapped up in their ideas and passions. Creating something that can change the world can be very exciting. However, chasing your passion should not come at the detriment of your health and personal wellbeing. 

Alex personally believes that paying attention to your health should be your topmost priority.

“We all have the same 24 hours. It’s not about how hard or long you work. It’s about how smart you work so you can enjoy success in great health,” Alex says.

He has some non-negotiable habits that help him stay fit and healthy. His top three health habits are staying hydrated, sleeping for at most 8 hours a day, and tracking his heart and respiratory activities. 

Overcoming Stress

Stress is an increasingly common feeling, and entrepreneurs are possibly the most likely class of people to feel stressed out. Stress usually brings a host of other feelings in its wake, including loss of motivation, tiredness, and sometimes even total burnout. 

To avoid a worst-case scenario where the whole system comes crashing down, it is important to pay adequate attention to stress indicators and curb them at early stages.

For Alex, being surrounded by people who are proactive problem solvers allows him to have a balanced day to day with less stress.

He explains that it is possible to become successful through those around you. He is deeply inspired by the thought of his immediate circle chasing their goals and dreams.

He places a heavy premium on collaborative work and has built his entire business on the back of this value.

Staying Organized

Many might say there is beauty in the midst of chaos, and this might be true in certain fields. However, as an entrepreneur, your greatest strength should be staying organized.

” An organized workflow will allow you to work with more clarity and less pressure,” Alex asserts. Organizing your workflow will also help you maximize your productivity and achieve more goals in less time.  

To get started, identify any bottlenecks in your work routine. Then, your next focus is to create solutions that will allow you to have more time to innovate. You can try simple techniques like using a scheduler to plan your day, or utilizing a tracker to measure time spent on specific activities.

Growing Through Discomfort

Alex believes that anybody’s life can change overnight. What it takes to activate this change and live a better life is to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

“Growth requires change and change shifts us out of our safe zone. Recognizing the opportunity for growth is essential and sometimes that opportunity comes with a little bit of fear or discomfort. Next time you feel uncomfortable ask yourself how you can learn from that situation.”