Alisha Gee, twenty-six, is a woman of impact with a fervor for the healing of those subjected to sexual abuse. Her platform, We Lift to Rise, aides abused women in releasing their past, reclaiming who they are, and rising above limiting beliefs. 

Gee was only eleven years old when she became subjected to sexual abuse by the hands of a family member. She not only endured molestation but further exploitation. The family member (who will remain unnamed) began to encourage his friends to take advantage of her as well—all the while grooming young Gee to assign the abuse with a sense of normalcy. Despite the grooming, Gee still knew that whatever was happening to her wasn’t right because it didn’t feel right. Yet, she was never told that it wasn’t. For two years, the abuse carried on. 

Gee’s parents became privy to the abuse after coming across an email sent from the family member to Gee while he was traveling. Immediately, her parents confronted the situation and questioned both Gee and the family member. Her parent’s reaction to the confirmation of the abuse was anything but affirming. They were embarrassed, and they almost blamed her. How could this happen, and in their own family nonetheless? For Gee, there was a freedom in the truth, but there was a shame too. She later went on to seek counseling. Through counseling, Gee discovered purpose in her pain. She is now an abuse coach and an active advocate for women of abuse, offering a myriad of avenues to deal and heal through the pain of sexual abuse. There is more to Gee’s story, and she is more than happy to share it with you, but ultimately she wants you to know that she is not a victim; she is a victor⎼⎼ and you can be too. Learn more about Alisha Gee, and her platform, We Lift to Rise here.