Paul B. Thornton

Great leaders have a clear and precise understanding of three things:

1. The environment—they know how to diagnose and evaluate the current situation. They consider the hard data (facts & numbers) and the soft data (feelings and emotions) They see both the problems and opportunities.  

Are you aware of the problems and opportunities that exist in your environment? 

2. Themselves—they are self-aware. They know who they are and what they believe. They are clear on their mission and priorities, as well as their strengths and weaknesses. 

Can you define your core beliefs and values? Do you fully understand your strengths and weaknesses?

3. How to influence and inspire others—they know when to establish goals, ask questions, plant seeds, provide encouragement, offer help, empower people, and set the example. They know how to connect with people and make a positive impact.  

What approaches do you use to influence and inspire people?   

There’s no sure-fire recipe for leadership. Each leader is unique. Each person brings a different set of beliefs, experiences, skills, values, and personality traits to his or her “leadership position.”

But all great leaders have a solid understanding of three things:

  • Their environment
  • Themselves
  • How to influence others to make positive changes   

Paul B. Thornton is an author and speaker. Three of his core principles are add-value, continuous improvement, and simplify the complex. His latest e-book, Leadership-Perfecting Your Approach and Style-($1.99) is available on Amazon Kindle. 

He has produced 28 short YouTube videos on various management and leadership topics. In addition, he has published numerous slide presentations that are available on 

He can be contacted at [email protected].