Handling stress and burnout alone can take a toll on individuals. Luckily, there’s no rule saying that you have to deal with it alone. That’s why Ivan Parra, Miguel Sarabia, and Hakeem Rowe of Our Generation Music stand together along with the other members of their brand in dealing with the pressures of life and their careers. 

Our Generation Music (OGM) was founded by Ivan Parra and Miguel “Mikey” Sarabia, two hard-working, humble Hispanic kids from Los Angeles, Mirada, California.

Here’s how they do it. 

Organization Is Key 

“We all both avoid stress by keeping an organized team. We believe that if you do not have a vivid plan, you are shooting at an invisible target. We know exactly where we want to be in the next year, we have targets we aim at, and therefore it reduces the amount of stress we have significantly because we have a clear indication of where our next step should be,” the team said. 

Our Generation Music has grown to where it is at today because of the consistent and organized work that the team has put themselves in. 

“We believe the greatest obstacles are within yourself. If you own a business, remember that the majority of your problems are not business problems, they are personal problems manifesting in your business.  When there is an obstacle in a business, most people’s first reaction is to press on the gas to overcome it, which will lead to burnout,” they added.

So rather than face the problem head-on, the team takes a step back to assess the situation to make more efficient decisions. Then, they build a system around it to make sure that the problem won’t happen again. 

The Pair That Started It All 

In 2014, Mikey and Ivan decided to launch OGM which kicked off as a clothing brand that would eventually nudge them towards working on what they love most, which was rap. Most would lean towards creating music, but instead, they took a different route and decided to build a music blog. Fast forward three years later to 2017, and they were able to grow their first Instagram account to 376k loyal followers. 

OGM got so popular that a wide variety of the largest rappers are following the OGM page. Their new page is currently standing at 505k followers as of April 2021. 

Our Generation Music is now creating original content with their new host, Hakeem Rowe who is no stranger to staying ahead of the curve with cultural trends and updates. You can find Hakeem hosting OGM’s interviews, vlogs, and behind-the-scenes footage at the hottest parties and events.

Visit Our Generation Music’s social media accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube for more information.