The 12 Laws of Ascension 

1.     All that does not serve shall be released.
2.    You shall be clear of mind and free to see all that serves.
3.    You shall walk with just your footprints but never alone.
4.    You will come to know your Matrix of the stars.
5.    All that deceives will be illuminated so you shall trust in yourself. 
6.    From heaven to earth so shall you rise like a star.
7.    The advancement of illumination like a storm from heaven to earth
so shall you see. 
8.    The path widens only through a commitment to truth.
9.    A deep undisputable knowing of a higher order will be illuminated to you. 
10.  Serenity comes to those that sustain balance upon the sacred path of purpose.
11.  You will be called to seek a higher spiritual connection. 
12.  We bring and we shall take, and all shall be appreciated.

All that does not serve shall be released

This is a returning, a spiritual journey, an experience, an inner knowing, an illumination and an evolution of the soul on every level. These are the laws or governing principles that have been channelled through me. I firmly believe we will all experience them as we continue to rapidly awaken. Many people will be chosen to lead from a completely difference consciousness. A consciousness that will unleash the wisdom within that knows the ways of humanity. But first we have to come home to ourselves.

To see, to accept, to discover and to know truth. 

The first law states that all that does not serve us shall be released through a set of divinely orchestrated events and circumstances. Instant changes in health or wealth are all part of our own personal, professional, spiritual, emotional and mindful rising. The collective change is interdependent on our individual accountability to see, sense and to feel. 

All that does not serve will be delivered to you through life’s experiences, shown to you in a way that will awaken you. The right people will be placed upon your path to aid, guide and support your rising into so much more. 

Soul Neglect

A separated sense of self slices the soul until there is no soul.  This leads to a diminished sense of self, of worth, of identity, of value, of honour, of community and of responsibility. It is isolation in its highest form and will take you on a river of always externally desiring more.

Emotional separation from the meaning of life one will always cause a craving for belonging.  No matter how hard we try, nothing can compensate for a relationship with the soul. A quick monetary or material fix will no longer be a sustainable fix. Like a drug once the initial effect wears off and the addiction closes in, what you are doing just sustains life.  There is no sadder process than this.

Your Opportunity to Rise

I’ve taken just one extract from numerous channellings on the first law. The word separation refers to how we have lost a sacred way of relating to our 5 major relationships; to self, to others, to purpose, to planet and to the infinite. I invite you to take a minute to reflect. The sacred will speak a message to you. Explore the first paragraph. What does it mean to you? How can you interpret the wisdom into your life and in your leadership? Take time in prayer to take this priceless journey that can bring you the peace and joy you crave.

May this be the beginning of your ascension process.