Dubai is one of the best tourist spots in the world with rich experiences and exotic explorations. The numerous attractions include skyscrapers, deserts and mega-malls. 

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Some of the fun activities which you can do in Dubai are scuba diving, skydiving, desert safari, jet skiing and dune bashing. But prior to the vast development and modernism, Dubai was and still mostly is a desert land. This article will cover the popular activity of dune bashing which is intrinsic to the culture of Dubai. 

What does dune bashing mean?

In simple words, dune bashing refers to the driving of off-road vehicles on the sand dunes. It is preferred to carry out the activity with big sized 4×4 vehicles, for instance, Fortuner or Toyota Land Cruiser. The used cars prices in Dubai are reasonable if you plan to purchase a vehicle in the Middle East. 

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In dune bashing, the vehicles are driven at different speeds all over the sand dunes. The car is balanced when it goes up and down continuously on the sand dunes. It needs to be manoeuvred in a specific manner. This activity is adrenaline pumping and very exciting. 

However, various safety precautions and care needs to be maintained prior to doing dune bashing. Only then it can be a thrilling activity. The SUVs which are utilized for this adventure sport are commonly equipped with lots of protective gear such as roll cages. Moreover, the tire pressure is greatly lowered so that a high amount of traction against the moving sand can take place. 

So what should be expected while you are dune bashing in Dubai? If you are not a professional driver, you will mostly be sitting in the passenger seat of the vehicle. It is the responsibility of the driver to do the heavy lifting. You should be mentally and physically prepared for sliding, skidding and slipping all over the seat row while your vehicle paves the way through the golden sands of the desert. 

In order to maximize safety of the passengers, dune bashing is carried out in a convoy of vehicles. 

What is the experience like?

Dubai is located in the Persian Gulf. It is landlocked on the three sides while most of the Emirate is filled with the Arabian desert. Since there is tons of sand everywhere, Dubai is an ideal place to have the best dune bashing experience. Before the news of this activity reached the international level, it was mostly a regular hobby for the UAE natives. But now, it has obviously become a hyped up industry which wows millions of people. 

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A usual dune bashing experience in Dubai kicks off with your tour operator picking you up from the hotel. You will afterwards be brought to the desert. The tires are then deflated while you will meet other groups of people who are here for the same activity. Now, your dune bashing experience will begin. 

There are some choices available which you will have to make to determine the type of experience and comfort level you want. It usually lasts for 20 to 30 minutes. Afterwards, the tour operator will take you to the central camp in the desert. You will have a classic Bedouin experience there. 

You will be invited to sit on either carpets or couches. A number of true Emirati activities such as camel riding, sheesha smoking and henna painting are taking place for the purpose of entertainment. However, the highlight of the experience is the tasty barbecue dinner which will be given at the end. 

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Your taste buds will be treated with delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. But it’s not just your taste buds that will enjoy because your eyes can feast on live entertainers such as Tanoura and Belly dancers. They will be performing all throughout the dinner to give you a lively and rich experience. 

After you are done eating, the tour operator will drop you safely to your hotel. This will be the end of your fruitful adventure. 

So this was the basic information about the exhilarating dune bashing activity. Stay tuned on thriveglobal blog for more news and updates.