The Pandemic changed the landscape of the Insurance Industry more so than ever. For years agents leveraged their friends, family and dinner workshops to pay their bills. The pandemic not only made this complicated, it turned the industry on its head. Allan Khazak, and his team at Vroom Media Group saw an opportunity and developed a new proprietary AI Backed system that helps agents increase their annuity production, get in front of qualified prospects and assist with the appointment booking process. With the remarkable success they have received since the pandemic they have been dubbed my many to be the “Gold Standard in Annuity Lead Generation”. 

Born and raised to an Immigrant Family in Canada, Allan has always been a high performer and is currently on a mission to redefine the industry with their turnkey solution. Unlike other marketing companies that promise their clients leads, we have developed an end to end solution allowing our clients to fill up their calendars with appointments, close more cases and double their annuity production in as well as 90 days. Our services have contributed to over 30M in Annuity Production to date and we are on track to 10x that number in 2022.

Having graduated from the Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto, and being employed at Global Multi Nation Institutions, Allan has always had an entrepreneurial itch. Whether it was selling his notes in university, flipping the latest sneakers or tutoring his peers Allan has always had an eye for solving problems.


To attain a mark of a true entrepreneur, one must seek an ulterior motive. Allan holds the conviction that he wants to be an influential though leader, changing the live of hundreds of thousands people globally. Allan’s selfless personality has always made him passionate about causes that are beyond him, particularly aiding with the assistance of education for underprivileged kids, building resources for them, as a consequence of which they would be able to formulate inspiring careers. Also, the opportunities, constant pursuit of improvement, ability to see things come to fruition motivate a person, enhancing their vigor.


Allan’s ideology is that a mentor could aid you by avoiding mistakes and allowing you to be decisive and make better judgement. When queried about his mentor, he unveiled that he doesn’t have a specific mentor. Allan followed the pathway of different people for different aspects of his life and business, inclusive of sales, marketing, high level and growth strategies. 


To create an impact, one has to take an initiative. Innovation should be a part of the thought process to realize the dreams. Always aiming to be an entrepreneur, Allan remains proud of him redefining the conventional stereotype- that a lot of students go through in business school-to be employed in a 9-5 work environment. The loss of satisfaction invigorated him even more.

Sharing his experiences and advising the public Allan also expressed that one should hold a vision, and shouldn’t ever give up on their dreams. Continuing to master the craft, one could gain matchless expertise and would surely surpass the competitors. Quoting Grant Cardone, Allan said “Be obsessed or be average.”


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