Did you know that every opportunity, chance, and resource you need to manifest the life you want for yourself, is already there for you? In fact, every opportunity you have ever needed is right there, at your fingertips. Your ability and willingness to see these opportunities and leverage them is up to you. But, that’s where mindset roadblocks and negative programming can stop us from utilizing the law of attraction to its fullest.

What is the Law of Attraction?

The Law of Attraction states that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Wherever you choose to devote your energy and attention will dictate what comes back to you. If you spend more time focusing on positive thoughts, habits, and wellness, as opposed to gossip, poor health choices, and unhappiness, you are going to attract opportunities that are positive and fruitful. 

Since the entire universe is one big exchange of energy from one organism to the next, this free-floating energy can be attracted to you, right now. What kind of energy you end up attracting is up to you and the choices you make every day. It’s not always the ‘big choices’ that dictate what happens to us – it can be the little choices that build up day after day that configure what kind of opportunities are laid at our feet.

Will You Allow Your Environment to Shape You?

You have a choice if you want to be a product of the environment you participate in, or if you want to be the environment yourself. Yes, your mind has that ability and yes, you can choose to start thinking in a whole new way today.

That’s what Allan Miles of Team Miles decided to do when life handed him a series of unfortunate events that would be enough to topple even the most positive of people.  Losing his father by age 5 in 1990 when he passed away in a traffic accident, Allan’s mother went onto commit suicide in 2010, leaving him parent-less. In case that wasn’t tragic enough, in 2011, Allan’s brother died.

Allan knew he had a choice: he could allow these events to turn him into an incapable person buried under grief, or he could allow these events to propel him into the best version of himself. 

Allan took his pain and channeled it into multiple businesses, having built a career in sales for 20-years and launching a recruitment business that generated $2 million per year. Always believing that he could attract more into his life, in 2019, Allan launched a high-ticket coaching business that would provide flexibility for his family. Tailoring the business to fitness specifically in 2020, Allan had demonstrated, yet again, that the Law of Attraction is alive and well in his life.

Be Bigger Than Your Environment

Allan believed he could make these changes and did everything he needed to do to ensure they would be successful. He didn’t allow his life to be defined by his environment – he became the environment that is now helping fitness professionals around the world to stay accessible and lucrative in 2021.

Today, he is investing his earnings back into his business to ensure it succeeds. By taking this kind of action, he is allowing the universe to provide him with opportunities. It’s a never-ending, flowing cycle of energy that he knows how to access.
For more information, visit: https://allanmiles.com/.