Dependency is very important and is defined by whether we are willing or unwilling in our participation.  We are battling our own ego, to the degree we are willing to unite, we will affect the coronavirus as its appearance is due the lack of correct connection between us.  Doesn’t hit just one nation or country, but the whole world. This reflection shows us we are meant to be together, to come together as one whole humanity.   It is Nature’s language and actions which compels us to work with each other correctly. Has forced us into physical distance, for us to draw closer internally as we need opposites to overcome negative consequences of the coronavirus. 

We have been separating ourselves and now we must seek how we can be returned to one collective.  How can a person come out of the shell to realize….first to understand the movements of internality, that we are one whole, one system, one global human society.  Taking into account nature relates to us as one humanity, and if we don’t seek to equalize, there is a dysfunction which takes place. We are all egoists in our state in which we exist, separate from nature’s desired state gives nature the space to respond with viruses, different responses given from lack of conformity to the one system for all.  

To the extent we are not similar, our degree or lack of similarity to nature allows nature to influence us negatively on the still, vegetative and animal levels.  This virus is affecting us on the vegetative level currently. Nature is all of space, the inner qualities and degrees we can’t even begin to understand or conceive.  Who are we in nature but just a tiny bug. Same as viewing the earth from space as seen and experienced by our great astronauts and astronomers. They purport a smallness and fragileness we can’t imagine as we have not felt their experience. 

A huge vast system of many levels within which we exist and don’t comprehend it vastness. So according to our current development, we need to try and find our space within it.  As we understand more, we will integrate more fluidly. We have the ego which animals do not have, this pushes ourselves out of nature’s balance and we suffer as a result. This nature is always growing, moving us to be opposite to nature on the still, vegetatative, and animal levels.  

Our inclination is now shifting to correct into being balanced with nature, that we may understand and integrate fully, into compliance with its actions.  Depending on our ego constantly developing, which is given to use precisely to connect over it to nature’s balance. To appreciate our state as distant and yet given to bring ourselves closer into interaction with one another, seeking to becoming one with nature.

We are not speaking about physical bodies, yet internal definitions of the created beings, where is it going, what is its goal, what are the impulses which drive it existing on the still, vegetative, animal and human levels of nature.  Either as a grain of sand or as a huge part of the universe, all is within these four levels, and all are important. Each previous level obeys, the human level, if we were to aim ourselves correctly towards each other, the whole of nature would become friendlier to each other.  

There are not explosions which occur with no reason.  Together we now begin to see the whole purpose of all occurrences as we connect with matter and thought on different levels which aspires to its perfection in manifestation potential.  The goal of creation. Make this goal to manifest, for it to reach its one final essence and form of manifestation.  

Turn the darkness to light, each time we overcome our choices of ego and choose the others desire we will be building good and connecting to the whole of space, the whole world, the common soul.  Both the giving and reception desires are split into many layered, different degrees where we measure the thickness of the desire by our interactions with the given environment around us.

We won’t lose anything, we will discover the ego is what governs us, yet through this process we will learn how to live above this body of egoism, beginning to feel ourselves existing eternally in space, while still living in this world.  Herein lies the purpose for man, to rise above the physicalness of our nature to the true nature of man, that is he who exists outside of time. Time only exist on still, vegetative, animal and human levels, the true nature of man is where we enter the next world, the next dimension, here.  

Uniting is always a dependency, yet not a lack of freedom.  If I am dependant on the whole universe, knowingly as a part of the universe, keeping the laws of the universe, feeling the perfection of such, it does not weigh negatively upon one.  Logic gives us this law of nature to bring ourselves into the conformity to nature’s system. When we realize this goal of our life, to find ourselves as an integral part of this system, we can remove the boundaries of the heart.

Shame can be used to rise above the ego, as it is our insufficient actualization of trying to rise our of our concerns for self into concern for uniting.  We are in a closed sphere, the only way to exit time and space is to connect as one.

Our feelings project upon one another, revealing faith above reason in the system as we enter a new level of receiving the world, not with our current sensory organs, yet to rise above them.   Meaning, we are acquiring the qualities of an integral world and we shall perceive this world like Einstein or others, in its absolutely integral form where the distances and movement don’t exist, just one integral system.  Perceived in this way everyone can start disposing of the old actions and their intentions.

You can love another more than yourself, if you feel it on a global perfect level.  Love of yourself is only on a physical level and can’t compare to love of others. Love that is internal and infinite versus external and linear, tiny. Can’t compare both levels of love.  We are going to see and feel love from this wider level. Will go through many thoughts and deliberations, all comes down to one’s inner transformation, that the world is different, connected and perfect.  One feels himself in the system, no longer caring about the perception of this world as currently perceived. We care to be the right integral part of this world, to add to this world what none other can, thus all depends on him.  The future of society is in our hands and it is time.

Because we are connected to this perfect desire which was created, we cannot escape the fact we are in this creation, yet after we accept this task we are revealed the opportunity to reach these levels of understanding.  Cannot enter until the space is created for the entry by seeking endlessly how to remove old thoughts and desires, or at least place them on the shelf, thus allowing room to discover the universe.  

Government will move when pressured by the population.  External pressures….the evolution comes from within ourselves, we, the seeming common people.  When we connect in our thoughts and desires, as being prepared by viruses here and the ones yet to come, we can impact the whole of the world even though we feel it is impossible, for we alone are not the ones who complete the task.  We just must unite with our desires and thoughts influencing everything, thus we, together from within, will be inviting the correction of all that exists and physical government will be powerless.

The borders are nothing, we can expand beyond them, they are transparent when we connect together, when we connect with our ability to bestow.  This is the key to expand and travel beyond our physical desires which hold us in this time and space. If you can perceive it this way, to the extent of being connected is the extent we will perceive all as absolute goodness.

To actualize love of others we are given the ego, to rise above the ego we are given the altruistic forces, these two opposing forces and in the inner dynamic equilibrium, these together we are always in.  We are tiny egoistic creatures, to the extent we love others we can protect them yet this is not the goal, the goal is love of others as a whole law of the universe, this world and the other world beyond.

Naturally we want to use others for our own existence, yet if we want to rise above and not be limited to this body to connect to the eternal level of existence then we have to change our attitude towards the world.  Even from an egoistic perspective, this is worth doing. Depending on the person and the time existing, in this time we exist it can be 5 -15 years to change our larger patterns of existence. Everyone imagine you are about to finish your life, why have you been given this life?  To live through physical good and bad times only? We must seek the higher goal to continue existing.

If we feel we are connected with everyone as one body, one desire, one feeling, one common aspiration, it is a dynamic state, one which can change during its course.  Must seek constant advancement, the world was given to us to transform from within. 

In spite of my opinion, when I accept the opinion of the friend as paramount, even though it is opposite to mine, I then try to make it fully governing over me as a desire, as a perception being higher than through our world.  Takes time to work into this part of the universe, as if having a different brain with different operations. Everyone is dependent and thus responsible for everyone else, if anything in the system is wrong, it affects all, we are all in one system.  We are in one common system and must support each other, which when we increasingly do so, calibrates us to view the world differently, quicker together.

Calibration is done by dissolving into the group which searches to rise us above ourselves.  Must have the group which inclines itself to do the same in order for this to work. If our environment does not support the same internal process together, it can be felt as friction.  We will go through all the states sent to us and we will reach the goal through the guide of nature and the coronavirus which has been sent to us. The future of society is in our hands, it is our time we climb to forever united as One.  

One Heart, One Soul, One Desire, One Goal, One Voice, One Song, One Solution, All For One