When it comes to replacing windows or doors , PVC is not the only option that we will find as available. There are wooden frames, often used in more traditional houses, especially when it comes to home renovation. On the other hand, in recent years, we have seen the demand for aluminum grow .

But when it comes to choosing new replacement windows or doors, what are the main differences between Aluminium French Doors and PVC that you should be aware of?


The aluminum is more expensive to manufacture than the rigid PVC, which makes it a more expensive product for the manufacture of windows or doors . Since the double-glazed solution became one of the best and most popular household products in the 1970s, PVC has led the way and has been developed for mass production. This has caused prices to have remained relatively static, or lower over time if we take inflation into account.

Meanwhile, the cost of raw material for production of aluminum has always made it a much more expensive option for windows double glazed windows and door frames.

However, the price is different but the most demanding clients are always looking for new and better options when investing in their properties. The aluminum undoubtedly has surpassed PVC in the benefits and options offered.

Time will tell, but as aluminum becomes increasingly popular and there are no more options for similar products available in the market, its prices stabilize and even tend to drop.


Despite the fact that PVC windows have a long life, the frames can potentially degrade over the years. The aluminum , however, is a much more robust and with proper care materials will always stand the test of time.


One of the current complaints with PVC, especially with current demand, is the thickness of the frame profile. Because aluminum is a much stronger material, the frames can be made much thinner. This allows more light into the home and leaves the window view cleaner, with a higher proportion of glass to frame than PVC can offer.


As architecture design styles change, the aluminum window has become the choice of architects, simply because the profile offers much more flexibility. Manufacturers are also making the finish available in any color and curved shape to suit a more contemporary style of construction.


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