“Don’t swim, float”.


In the spiritual realm, you might often hear the phrase “following the flow of the Universe”. But what exactly is the ‘flow of the Universe’?

The flow of the Universe permeates in every aspect of our life, encompassing the outer and inner aspects.

A simple example: If today’s weather is good, then you wash the clothes (i.e. you are ‘following the flow’). If the weather is not good, even if you really want to wash the clothes, you know they would not dry.

In this case ‘following the flow’ means you have to let go of your desire to wash the clothes today and perhaps wash it another time.

Another example: If you called someone and wanted to talk to someone, but the other party did not pick up for whatever reasons. If you are very attached, then you might call quite a few times, despite knowing that the other party may not be able to pick u, then you are ‘against the flow’.

If you are following the flow, then do not worry, you can call at another time or wait for the other person to call back.

The inner aspect of the flow means if you really want to do something from your heart, then you go and do it. For instance, when you have inspiration or the right energy to create something.

Not following the flow means you know you do not really want to do something but for whatever reasons (perhaps under peer pressure and your inner strength is still relatively weak), you did it anyway. That is ‘not following the flow’.

For instance, you really wanted to stay at home and write, but your friend might want you to join a party, you really did not want to, but you did it anyway, then when you were there you felt like it was a waste of time, because you were acting ‘against the flow’, against your heart.

These are just a few simple examples. The flow of the Universe

can be shown in every aspect of our life including our career and love life.

Some people may feel their career and love life are not very smooth, or some people may seem quite successful on the outside but still feels not happy inside or even aggrieved.

Because they are ‘against the flow’ -the outer flow and the inner flow of the Universe.

“For things to be successful,

it requires the right time,

right place and with the right people. “

-Chinese proverb

Sometimes you want to do something and hope it will be successful immediately, but when the time is not right, or other required conditions are not there, then it may not manifest so easily. But if you are really attached to the expectations of the fruits of the result, then you are against the flow of the Universe.

If you are following the flow, you will feel things are often in smooth sailing because you do things when the required conditions are there (the right energy, right time et cetera) and you do things from your heart which helps raise your energy and you are more productive, as the Universe always has your back.

If you are against the flow, then things you may appear to have quite a lot more obstacles, and your energy is usually relatively low, you feel dragged and tired quickly (because your heart is tired) and you might even get sick more easily.

For people who know how to master the flow of the Universe, inner and outer aspects, their life can be easily abundant.

Because they are not attached to the fruit of their actions, and they focus on the things they love to do the most, the Universe always has their back.

If your consciousness is quite sharp, then you can quickly identify when you are against the flow and when you are in the flow.

When you realise you are against the flow, then quickly bring yourself back to the flow, allowing the Universe to help you float.

Of course in our everyday life, we may have to do things that we do not want to do in our heart, maybe some circumstances required us to do so.

If situations like these arise, then I can give you a tip

for converting the feeling of ‘against the flow’ to ‘follow the flow’

that is — you can choose to accept it. When you can accept everything, then you are always in the flow.

For instance, you regret going to the party, prefer staying at home writing. But if you are already at the party, then just enjoy in the moment, instead of regretting the past, focusing your energy in the present and choose to accept and enjoy the party.

My dear, start observing from today, observe your words and actions in your daily life. Are you normally ‘following the flow’ or ‘against the flow’?

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