Starting a new decade on a high note is one thing, maintaining our healthy mindset is another. Let’s discuss ways to bypass burnout, corporate comas, and good ole autopilot to set ourselves up for success this year and many more decades to come. I speak from experience. Before becoming a creative entrepreneur, my corporate background involved two Fortune 100 companies in intense sales positions where vacations and dialogues of healthy habits were often overlooked for 80 hour work weeks. Ensuring the corporate bottom line came at a personal price. Today, I am sharing my universal tips to counteract burnout while yielding creative connection and maximum well-being. Investing in yourself and your mindset will result in the ultimate R.O.I.

Prevention is predicated on self-awareness

How do we achieve self-awareness? This involves a daily practice of being both objective and present with what we are feeling and how we are experiencing the world around us. Being honest about our emotional check ins helps us understand if we are on the right path, where we need to pivot and what we can personally improve. Great tools to help us identify our self-awareness are journaling, breathing techniques, guided meditations and simple questions such as, “How am I feeling?”, “What are my needs in this current moment?”, “Am I fulfilled?”, “What do I need to incorporate or limit to achieve a state of internal fulfillment?”.

Creativity connects

One of the quickest ways to feel connected to ourselves and others is through creativity. Creativity revitalizes the human spirit, connects us to our heart equity and exposes our passions. When we look at life or problems through the lens of creativity we immediately restore a sense of childlike wonder and open ourselves up to creative possibilities, solutions and shifting our energy to that of positivity. I am a firm believer that when we connect to our creativity, our purpose shortly follows along with our community.

The power of visualization

How many of us feel restricted by our current set of circumstances? I have been there and have raised my hand to this. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with cancer, did I begin to surrender to something greater than myself. I lived an entire decade prior being ruled by my current set of circumstances, living paycheck to paycheck in the corporate world while giving away my personal power. There wasn’t room for me to dream, there wasn’t space for my femininity within the male dominated industries, and I was operating from a place of fear. Going through cancer allowed me to switch the script and start visualizing the life I wanted to create for myself and for my family. Cancer at the time was an external event that awakened internal choices creating a new life and new reality for myself. On a daily basis, visualize the life you want for yourself. Feel the emotions that come with feeling internally fulfilled. Visualize what you want your life to look like from a 50,000 view, and then reverse engineer what you want your weeks or days to look and feel like. Visualize being greater than your current set of circumstances and follow these intentions with small actions — when we start shifting our mindset coupled with action is when change and transformation happens.


  • Alyssa Rosenheck

    Founder & Author

    The New Southern

    Alyssa Rosenheck is an internationally renowned interiors and architectural photographer, stylist, author, speaker, cancer survivor, and lifestyle expert. Known for her crisp and intentional style, Alyssa has carved a space for herself in both the photography and interiors world by pioneering a new business model that elevates her clients’ businesses as well as her own. As the founder of “The New Southern” movement and author of The New Southern, Alyssa’s mission is to inspire others to lean into their creativity and live in their light, by highlighting those in and from the South creating work that unites, inspires, and empowers. Following a consuming corporate career and a cancer diagnosis, photography allowed Alyssa to see a new way of doing business, a new way of living, and a new way to connect with others. Alyssa knows firsthand that creativity is a force for unity and purpose, and aims to inspire individuals to live courageously in their light every day and to lean whole-heartedly into their creativity.