Amaan Surani is the CEO of Slay Media LLC and is a curious personality about technology thus he is recognized as a social media extravagant. Some people affirm that he is Instagram or Snap chat celebrity while some consider his accomplishments as pure luck. He has dedicated 4 years of life to grow his business and the people he knew have not recognized and appreciated his struggle. After struggling a lot, he has accomplished several achievements such as he launched Slay Media LLC which is one of the well-renowned brands in the social media market. He has assisted several people to expand their accounts from zero to millions of followers. Moreover, he always believes that “No” is not an answer to any question so one must stay positive in all situations. He has not accomplished success in one go and he states that keeping reaching the desired goal by staying determined in every aspect of life. As a baby learns to walk by falling and getting back on their feet in the same manner he learned how to become successful in this industry after making an ample number of mistakes.

To his way of thinking, running a business is tough as it requires a lot of work thus giving proper attention to every task is crucial in any business. He officially runs a meme page with millions of followers and to run this one needs to understand the audience as the demands of the customers must be met to run any business. When he began working on his project, no one gave him the courage to succeed thus saying that he is not going to achieve his goal and is not an appropriate work for him. But he used all the negativity in a positive way to boost himself in every errand. The truth is people who did not like his work are the people who are working with him in his business. Also, the work he used to do in his leisure time has changed into full-time job in the present scenario.

He is the account holder of one the funniest meme pages called as ScaryClip and has attracted four million followers. He says that he began working on this project in the year 2016 and to get some relief from the mundane life he decided to create a meme page, to get a taste of what it’s like and he has always been a lover of memes and the horror genre thus wanted to turn his passion into something great. Days and weeks passed, and he found himself still running a meme page. Not only was it appealing to him but he had decided that this is what he wanted to do with his time. Also, his primary focus wasn’t the money or the fame only thing was that he wants to enjoy life by doing the stuff he was interested in.

After working on his goal for four years, he has gained 7.4 million followers on Instagram and a daily audience of 250,000 Snap chat viewers. He has never imagined his growth in just a short span there is a saying, “today’s tears water tomorrow’s garden.”  He has spent countless days and nights towards his goal and he is super happy what he is doing in life at the moment. Moreover, the best part is that he has still a lot to accomplish for his desired goal as wish to make an audience of more than 30,000 followers a day and he sees himself making it much farther in the coming years. He wants to use his experience and social media influence to inspire the young generation and gives a message that one should accomplish the desired path no matter how many hurdles come in the way. Besides, he affirms that children in the present times are afraid of what others will think, afraid of taking a step forward towards their dreams. Lastly, he says that if he would have taken this thinking into mind then he would have not succeeded in accomplishing his dream.  It takes a courageous person to succeed in his or her dreams, and that’s the message he intends to spread to today’s society.