It doesn’t matter what you do, how old you are, and how much experience you have – loving your job is one of the most important things in the world. That’s the only way to actually come to work and bring your A-game every day of the week. But, if you’re not exactly the biggest fan of your job and are actually far from happy, you need to introduce changes into your life asap. Finding a new career is one of the most popular solutions out there, but you could also explore the alternative – starting your own company. This might be a harder and more challenging solution, but it’s a way to get happier and more productive than ever. So, if you’re thinking about doing this as well, here are a few great ideas that could work if you’re a mindful person.

Become a writer

Just because you’re not the most articulate person in the world doesn’t mean you can make a living by writing. On the contrary, if you get properly organized and find your own niche, you could be making quite a lot of money this way. There are lots of things you could write about, lots of topics you could cover, and lots of approaches you could try, so take your time and figure out what to do. This is a great opportunity because you’ll only need a great home office and you’ll be set to start your career.

One of the most popular things to do is start a blog. Doing this sounds like a lot of work, but it’s actually quite easy and simple to understand. It’s all about finding what to write about and making sure your potential readers are going to love it. You can always write about the things you’re familiar with – moreover, that’s something you should do – and create interesting content based on your own knowledge. There are some platforms that can help you in the process and you should definitely try to use whatever you can to make your job easier. After some time, once you learn a thing or two about blogging, you can turn this into a lucrative job and start making a considerable amount of money this way.

Become a designer

This is one of those jobs that don’t require formal training or anything similar, but it does require quite a lot of time and patience. Whether it’s web design, graphic design, or something else, this is an amazing way to earn some money. You’ll need to learn a few things about design first and explore all the necessary tools you’ll be using, and only then can you start gathering experience and become a real designer.

Of course, all proper designers need a proper office, which is why people all over the world, from Australia to Norway, design an office for themselves and personalize it. The former, for instance, insist on those ergonomic office chairs from Sydney that support their back and minimize pain and discomfort. This allows them to work even more than before, but also relaxes them and boosts their motivation. Once you find the right chair, it’s all about getting the right office desk and a new laptop, and then you’ll be ready to take your skills to the next level.

Become a contractor

If you’re a handy person who knows how to use every tool in the toolbox, becoming a contractor is definitely something you could do. What’s great about this job is that you get to meet lots of new people and keep perfecting your skills. This will make you an even better contractor and help you understand that this is something you were born to do.

However, contracting is far from easy, and if you really want to become the best, you need to learn lots of things in advance. Talking to professionals is one of the things you need to do, no matter how much experience you have. These people know everything there is to know about building homes and making them look nice, so talk to them before you start your contracting career.

Become a realtor

If you don’t mind spending time with new people and actually love making all their dreams come true, this is the perfect career for you. The real estate world is exciting, dynamic, and always changing, and that’s precisely what all of us are looking for. That’s why you should become a realtor right away, and introduce a dose of excitement into your life.

Becoming a realtor is easier than most people think, but you’ll need to follow rules and get familiar with laws and regulations. Once you get licensed and become a real estate agent for real, you’ll be able to develop your business and start earning quite a lot every single month.

As you can see, there are lots of different opportunities you can look into, as long as you’re ready to think outside the box. Finding a new career that focuses on mindfulness might take some time, but it’s definitely worth your while, so start with these ideas and explore them asap.


  • Emma B. Joyce is a blogger based in Australia. She is a true home decor and DIY fanatic. Emma is interested in music and also is a big reading enthusiast. Finding new designs and patterns is her daily task. She got hooked on home accessories and decorations during her traveling and now cannot stop searching for new inspiration. She writes for and