The idea of taking a socially distant inspired panorama picture featuring a simple family foursome reunited for the limited amount of time of just a quickly brief, shortened, three day, 72 hour, ‘Fourth Of July’ holiday weekend consisting of my parents, my brother and I, I knew that was too good to be true. Yet, it’s still, somehow the care and the thought that counts, I tell myself. I meant well. Instead, a naturally productive, well sought after, clear, mental image appears in my head, efficiently sounding the necessary alarm for us to effectively keep a measurable, prime six feet in order to stay regularly healthy and active amidst an unrecognizable, unfamiliar, illustrated time of effortless challenge and difficulty, strangely promoting a productive, daily provided uncertainty.

Common use of comfortably light blue, wired surgical masks were the norm as if naturally providing the official, efficient, mandatory invite and the much needed, repetitive psa for safety reasons. In fact, the irregular abnormality became a welcomed signal amidst a categorically, wide ranged sea of consistently differing, neighboring opinions, much like the prior, expected, annoying message of illegal fireworks overwhelmingly bombarding from every which angle, heard loud and clear. Joined at the hip was nothing short of a staunch smell rising from the rockets’ red glare often appropriately paying tribute to our country’s honorably beloved national anthem, the patriotic pride of the red, white, and blue, the stars and the stripes.

Uniquely spicy and equally, non spicy, deliciously tasty chicken wings flattered the menu options covering the dedication to a plethora of Americana sidekicks besides the obvious, usual hotdog (and hamburger) brands added with flavorful sides of ketchup and or mustard. The creative, artsy presentation speaks for itself before the refreshingly sticky sweet sauce eventually is found all over the hands and the mouths of admittedly hankering participants unapologetically wanting a combined seconds or perhaps even, thirds.

‘United Apart Together’ is not just a valiant ‘Motivation/al Monday’ quote but also, rather, an additionally accurate, formal, non-candid, valuable representation of a distinctly memorable, favorable hashtag of a statement that is perfectly perched across popularly active social media platforms. The fact that even a noticeably stylish clothing trend can result, speaks volumes of fashion without a key, sole, definitive, verbal expression successfully brought to the surface, bravely sparking the average clarity of the introvert’s movement, often taking considerable action. Anything but normal is embraced. Hand upon heart is the newfound connecting soul and the meaningful foundation of unity.