After years of struggling as an entrepreneur in the world of thousands of businesses, Amine Ait has trouble managing his time between friends, family, gym, business, and diet. As he was struggling through his early entrepreneur years he realized that almost everyone that shared this world with him has lived through the same struggles at least once in their lives. That is when Amine Ait started looking for a solution for his troubles and found out about nootropics. He started researching and testing out numerous brands that promote their brain health supplements with nootropics, however, he found them all disappointing and that they didn’t hold up to their promises.

He decided that the entrepreneurial world deserved a brand that will use only natural and top quality ingredients to make a proper brain health supplement which finally leads to his founding iSCALE NUTRITION. “I understand what it is like to start a business and wanted to create a company that celebrated this craziness,” said Amine Ait.

From its first days, this company was all about celebrating the entrepreneurs who never stopped trying. “The people who always were willing to take that risky leap and even if they fail and fall, they pick themselves back up again and try until they succeeded” claimed Amine Ait. iSCALE NUTRITION shares this passion that entrepreneurs carry and use it as fuel to create their new nootropics formulas to help people succeed.

iSCALE NUTRITION offers a few different types of products


A brain supplement that uses pure natural ingredients that will help you focus easily, concentrate, ease the brain’s access of memory and give you the motivation to keep pushing forward

These high-quality natural ingredients all work in harmony to boost your motivation and focus while improving your mental clarity. This product is created especially for entrepreneurs. iFocus contains the top five plant extracts that your brain needs.

iFocus also has all the essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals for your brain. Every dose of this natural nootropic is like a nutritious multivitamin for your brain.


This brain health supplement will boost your performance and sex drive with its high quality and completely natural ingredients. Completely changing your sexual performance, libido and will enhance your stamina.

Libido is usually referred to as sex drive. Everyone can experience their sex drive differently, while in some it can be considerably high, for some it’s below average or maybe even nonexistent, especially in people that are constantly hard-working on their business. A lot of entrepreneurs are affected by a decrease in libido because of their lack of a good diet, sleep, and alone-time. A lack of libido can also result in a drop in happiness, motivation, testosterone levels and more.

iSCALE NUTRITION also offers ENERGIZE which should be used to boost your energy throughout your hard-working days.

Amine Ait believes that every one that is stuck in the breakthrough loop in the entrepreneurial world should consider getting a pick me up for their focus and motivation such as iSCALE NUTRITION.