HRH Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, represents an individual existing between two realms. Becoming a member of the British royal family is essentially one of the most British things a person can do. On the other hand, being born in America is also, arguably, one of the most American things a person can do. This then begs the question-what should an American member of the British royal family do when the Fourth of July appears on the calendar? Well, the Duchess of Sussex celebrated July 4th by supporting her American friend, Serena Williams, at Wimbledon. To many, this seemed an entirely appropriate way to spend this most American day, as Her Royal Highness straddles life as both a “former colonist” and a royal.

Like many people across the United States, Her Royal Highness spent the Fourth of July holiday among friends. Lindsey Roth and Genevieve Hills, both friends of the Duchess from Northwestern University, sat in the Royal box at Wimbledon beside her. Some have speculated that the arrival of her close friends actually serves a dual purpose-that is, spending the Fourth of July with Her Royal Highness and acting as godmothers to her child, Archie, at his christening on Saturday. Unfortunately, we will likely never know for sure, as the royal couple has opted to keep this information private.

This is not the first time Her Royal Highness cheered on Williams at Wimbledon. Last year, she and her sister-in-law, Her Royal Highness, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, cheered on Williams together. However, this moment occurred back when the media appeared poised to admire two strong women concurrently, and before the appearance of any ludicrous feud rumors. Arguably, this bygone time represented a golden age of feminism.

The Duchess of Sussex has actually enjoyed, as of late, quite an American week in the United Kingdom. For instance, this week began with a surprise visit to the UK from the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. Both teams recently landed in the U.K. to play their first ever British game. They also, jointly, gave the Duke and Duchess of Sussex baseball paraphernalia for newborn Archie. Most significantly, the Duchess appeared ecstatic to be, once again, among her native countrymen.

Presumably, Her Royal Highness is quite happy with her new life as a member of the British royal family. Nevertheless, at least every now and then, an American Duchess needs to return to her roots. What better compromise could we have than Her Royal Highness cheering on Serena Williams at Wimbledon, on the Fourth of July, no less?


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