My husband and I spent a lovely weekend in #Rome recently. It was our first trip there and we were in awe of the beauty and history that surrounded us; from exquisite architecture to wonderful food, from friendly waiters to incredible heat.

But while sitting and processing the brief time we had in this incredible city, one thing struck me more than anything else. 

Rome was, and continues to be, built around #connection.

#Culture in businesses is often viewed as the behaviour of people, but there’s something more than that to culture. Consciously building an environment to influence connection is imperative. Add to this a clear sense of #identity with #purpose, and you encourage #alignment. Rome has this in abundance.

From the amazingly built squares with magnificent statues designed for people to gather, through to the Colosseum, there are endless spaces in this historic city designed for connection. Their culture is one of connection. It continues to run through their approach to hospitality and family.

If we consider businesses, families and our way in life in todays world, how consciously are we designing environments of connection? 

With technology, and everything feeling overwhelmed, we are actually doing the opposite. We are internalising and creating barriers. Perhaps we could look up a little and remember that connection can, and must, be designed. 

Our environment is far more impactful than we realise. Consider it carefully – while almost invisible, our environment influences us continually, and we can choose to influence it.


  • Dani Saveker

    CEO and Founder of GLAS Group

    GLAS Group

    I have been developing a process and framework to help make sense of business, family, relationships and life ever since I was part of our family’s business; a business I closed after 106 years in 2009. While this was originally for my own benefit, and to help my own family, it’s gone on to help change and make sense of people’s lives in all sorts of situations – from children to entrepreneurs and from executive teams to those going through life struggles / decisions such as divorce and retirement. As a result, GLAS was created; the Global Life Alignment System. GLAS is a living system comprising of 7 elements and a range of tools and techniques, one of which being Visual Perception Analysis (VPA). VPA provides a creative way of unlocking unconscious beliefs and the things that are in the way in a non threatening, fun and fascinating way – using science. This is the first step in understanding GLAS and the 7 elements that help to implement inspirational change and progress. My purpose is to inspire